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  1. I have paradichlorobenzene and I want to make benzene. I have put the crystals in a solution hoping It would make 1,4 phenol. Will that happen? If not could I get a procedure for making a phenol from dichlorobenzene?
  2. well how should I remove the OH group and replace it with a H.
  3. I want to make phenol from salicylic acid. I was hopping that I could decompose it with heat and collect phenol. Could anyone please give a procedure. I don't have any ground glass but I have test tubes, flasks, beakers and a distillation apparatus.
  4. I study bismuth compounds and I would like to make sodium bismate. I know it exists but how do I make it? I was thinking you would need sodium hydroxide or bismuth oxide in the process.
  5. You could distill hexanes from some cleaning sprays. Its on youtube.
  6. I have been working on making benzene starting with benzoic acid form salicylic acid. First I added magnesium powder to a solution of salicylic acid in isopropyl. I was hopping that the Mg would reduce it and make benzoic acid and it would precipitate. Instead the Mg dissolved and over time the solution turned black. What happened, did the benzoic acid dissolve, did it forum magnesium benzoate or salysilate?
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