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  1. Endercreeper01 rulez! I think now this thread can be counted in Tutorial Section.
  2. Yes, why not? This was exactly in the format and language which I wanted.
  3. Well, I would prefer it here, and more if it was just like the previous one.
  4. Thanks, but I need more text oriented and Khan Academy teach in videos, which take eons to load on my slow internet.
  5. Can someone put up a tutorial on Integral Calculus just like there is one for differentiation? I need it.
  6. The electrons possess energy. When these electrons are transferred through a medium, it is not necessary that the medium is a superconductor, and when it is not, some electrons collide with particles of the conductors and thus give heat-due to Resistance and the law of conservation of energy.
  7. Santa is nothing but St.Nicholas, by whose name a legend goes that he used to distribute gifts to children on the eve of Christ's birthday (in the night). The children used to keep stockings so as to receive gifts.
  8. If you have got a genuine copy of Windows 7/8, you will be most benefited through Microsoft Security Essentials - Free, Official, For Lifetime, Close integration with Windows.
  9. Can some great knowledgeable person explain to me the effect of plasma with electricity?
  10. Okay, There is a speculation that most of our universe is Antimatter, but, I have a question here : When we see universe, we see stars, nebulae and all the stuff - are they not matter? If yes, then why there are some overwhelming speculations about the constituting percentage of antimatter in our universe? If no? then please explain me how?
  11. A few months ago, Larry Page (Google if you don't know who he is) built a new company, CALICO, and you must know that the companies sole motive is to create immortality. My dear SCIENCEFORUMS scientists, I bet he is going to benefit from this finding (and patent it!).
  12. Because at that time the person is in past. When does his time-travel, a paradox is created and hence, he is not able to see himself at an different instance, because at that moment, he was in past, thus sort of creating a sequence where a similar frame or sequence repeats itself. And highly knowledgeable and esteemed critics (to this thread), it is an question. When Einstein created his theory of relativity, he himself was doubtful of its existence, and yes, people did question him, but today, he is a superstar. So who knows, when the above may be proved or be possible.
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