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  1. Hi I wondered if anyone knows how I can make GTP from ATP, or the other way around? Thanks!!
  2. HI My Book recommendation: Fundamentals of A&P Martini & Nath, There are many great online learning resources out there, this is one of them: http://www.getbodysmart.com/ap/skeletalsystem/skeleton/axial/skull/quizzes/inferiormarkings/quiz.html To what depth do you need to know Anatomy?
  3. One of the biggest issues with antibiotics is certainly relating to the GI System. Antibiotics may be really disturbing the bacteria in the gut. There are more and more studies under the way concerning the enteric nervous system, which probably give us more clarity on how much antibiotics affect the human body as a whole.
  4. Hi, traveling to different time zones affects the circadian rhythm, indeed. The change of daylight and sleep patterns affects many systems of the human body, including the hormonal system. If you take the hormonal system as an example, the hormone Cortisol is release by the adrenal glands in large amounts after awakening in the morning. If your sleep patterns are disturbed, this will also disturb your cortisol levels. Cortisol is believed to have an affect on the immune system, and another function is to help in the break down of fats lipids. The break down of lipids probably explains why shift workers are can easily gain a couple of pounds without chaining their eating habits neither there exercise levels. I have had that personal experience while I was working different shifts at the hospital. Anyway, the human body will always try to get back to homeostasis as quickly as possible. From my personal experience, it takes around 5-6 days to get back to normal if you choose your flight times wisely. I went to a specialist homeopath when I was travelling a lot to support my body and she prescribed my some homeopathics which really worked for me and reduced the jet lag time to around 2 days. I always try to get a midnight flight, so I'm tired and sleep the first leg. Depending where you flying from, Australia is tough one. though. From Europe, a stop over in Asia for a day or two definitely helps to stretch your legs a bit. Bye
  5. Hi, Massage Therapy can help very well with insomnia. Try to find a therapist with experience. A high quality cup of camomile tea in the evening can do wonders too. Try to get organic/loose tea as it is often much stronger then a tea bag.
  6. "Restoring Communication"..if it was just that easy Here is the link to the original article: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0092867413015213
  7. Hi everyone and happy christmas! I'm wondering how a gastrointestinal dysfunction triggers skin changes and what is the physiologic process behind it? Example Female presents with food intolerance to histamine/amine rich food. Intolerance presents with acne along the jawline (trigeminal nerve dermatome region), each time histamine rich food is consumed. I found a relevant article here which mentions the parasympathetic reflex phenomena as a reason and that pelvic dysfunction can be a reason for it. http://british-institute-of-osteopathy.org/articles/the_reflex_nature_of_skin_conditions.aspx But how do the neurotransmitter travel and where is the irritant for the skin condition release, and cause a symptoms at the jaw? Is it rather a histamine response, but why is it only affecting the skin of the face and not any other region? I just can't explain to myself why a reaction to certain food would cause such localised symptom and not manifest systemically. All I could think of was that the histamine released in the stomach travels in the bloodstream and causes a immune response. But what in the face? Or if it was the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis which could have involvement in this too? If someone knows more about it, please let me know.. Thank you very much !!!!!
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