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  1. This is crazy, I Was Just reading about this today in Max Tegmark's New Book: ‘Our Mathematical Universe’ and was thinking all day about how we could detect these Inflation ripples. I imagined if they did exist they would appear like Tree Rings, except theses would be Inflation Tree Ring. I don't know yet if they appear this way, but I'm glad I don't have to wait around for the answer. I thought this was going to be like the Higgs Boson all over again. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/03/140317125850.htm
  2. Just came across this new article. Has anyone read about this yet and do you know if it would apply to anything in this instance? Research team challenges the limits of famous quantum principlehttp://phys.org/news/2014-02-team-limits-famous-quantum-principle.html
  3. Just Came Across theses two articles and I'm having trouble seeing how they could or couldn't apply. http://phys.org/news/2013-08-quantum-outcome-unread.html#nRlv http://phys.org/news/2014-01-quantum-to-classical-transition-fuzziness.html
  4. just wanted to check something, what happens when we close "the box"? do the entangled particles return to an undefined state? or are they useless as entangled particles now? if they are still usable could I open and close the box as many times as I wanted and get the same result with a definite spin that is the same as it were before?
  5. Thanks for the Info, Guess that puts this Idea to rest. No such luck other than a Laser/light/C wave transmission from a probe to Earth Receiver. Correct ?
  6. Humm... in this case, Would the computer program that is interpreting the state of the photons spin become the observer ? or is the instrument that detects the photons spin the observer? ...is the scientist the Observer?; who is observing though an instrument which is projecting an image from what the detector can transmit.
  7. Is there a way to induce the the probe trigger to make the photon change/choose a state in order to single a change into the earth based detector?
  8. When The Trigger "opens the box" the entangled particles will take one of their definite states On the probe and one on earth. The computer program will always be running to detect when something has happened to the entangled states of one of the sets of entangled particles. So if it detects No(#0) changes 100% of the time when running then no alarm will go off. If It Detects a particle change of an up or down(dose not matter which one) then an alarm will be triggered telling the computer something has happened to one of the Solar flare detectors because it has tripped a switch to "open it's box".
  9. I drew a VERY VERY rough sketch of what I had in mind when I was thinking of how this would all go down. I may be way off on the methodology of how entangled particles communicate. So you can tell me if I'm way off or see if you can find a way that this could work instead of giving me a science lecture(Unless it's a really good one). The only Information that is being communicated from the trigger to the receiver is the actual spin of the particle. Nothing else needs to be known. The computer on earth will see that one of the sets of entangled particles has taken a definite spin either up or down, triggering the earth based computer that will then set off an alarm to the technician saying something set off one of the solar flare detectors on board the prob. The solar flare detectors on the probe when triggered, only sets off one of set of particles to be observed(destroyed). So One Solar flare detector - To one entanglement trigger - To one entangled receiver on earth - To one Earth based detector - To one earth based alarm computer.
  10. Have a Feeling I will need to try and draw a crude diagram of the concept.
  11. Time delay between event and arrival transmission would be almost instantaneous. Compared to 8min+/- light travel transmission from Sun to Earth.
  12. I was thinking more of a basic detection system. Where in the information is not transferred, but and alarm is triggered telling an entangled partial/particles positioned on a satellite and one on Earth could respond to one another. In this case they would simply say that something is about to happen or has happened based on a detector and Trigger that would alter the positions of the entangled particle/particles. Almost binary I/0 depending on what is being detected and by what detector your reading.
  13. An Idea came to mind a few weeks back and I'v had some time to mull it over, but I'm on the fence as to whether or not I think it could work. I was thinking of a way we could predict and transmit and instantaneous signal of when a solar flare is about to go off and or has gone off. I found an Article Here that describes a way to possibly predict when a flare is about to go off and use as a preemptive detector. Then I was thinking, well that's good and all, but how can we transmit that information faster than the speed at witch it will travel to Earth at (10.43 million and 12.75 million kilometers per hour). Not sure how long that would actually take to reach us, but it wold be a measurement of how long we'd have to prepare. Namely, with faster that Light Speed or Radio Wave Transmissions you'd be able to attain Maximal time to prepare for a Solar flare event. This brings me to where I think we could capitalize on a use for Quantum Entanglement (QE). With new developments from NASA and other labs around the world, this could be a perfect application for applying this technology. ex: Solar Flare Detector +Satellite Probe + Entanglement - Assisted Communications System = Instantaneous Preemptive Solar Flare Detection; I Think? If I have missed something in translation or have looked over a step let me know. Thanks
  14. Hi All, this is my first time posting on this forum. I decided to start on this thread because I feel the best way to get to know someone I by knowing what they know or in this case have read and or are reading. If you have any questing about the books or would like a recommendation feel free to ask. Happy reading! Here is a link to my "GoodReads" Page. Here is a link to Some of the books Have Read/Currently Reading: Books I've Read Books I'm Currently Reading
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