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  1. Ok, yeah this has mostly likely been asked alot but it is important. Do you think that any of these offers, which have been given to me in many forms, are fair for Gays((That is Guy on Guy not girl on girl cause ironicly that is kinda accepted by the men of america.)): 1:That we're are all sent to a remote island/antarica and live there only having new gays come in anytime there is a new one found 2: Gay registeration because if you know who is you can make sure we don't "infect" you. 3: Gas chambers, enough said. 4: We convert now and pray for forgiveness for the rest of
  2. Ok today me and my friends were talkings during a show he liked called "Rage against the mechians" and we started to wonder about evolution. We eventually came to this: There a only a few steps in evolution and the all have ended the same so far. First Step- Regionization: A race of creatures with intellegents realizes that their race is called "Man" or "human". Second Step-Orgionization: The race of humans begin to form tribes,clans, a government etc. Third Step-Devolopment: The groups of humans start to gain and control land and start to develop new means of gaining more land, i.e. Tec
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