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    Seems pretty reasonable to contemplate. Thanks a lot
  2. chrisman10


    What is the force called when your pulled towards a fast moving car. I have noticed whenever a car zooms past me going like 100 km/h it seems to almost drag me towards it. Can someone please explain. Thank you
  3. Does the f1 generation only occur when you have homozygous parents? Or can someone explain the concept of f1 and f2 generation? What I know so far is that. Your giving to parents for e.g p1 p2 Ww GG x ww gg < step 1 Gametes : WG WG wG wG wg wg wg wg Step 2 F1 ?... I'm confused here , what would be the f1 generation here.. What I do is simply do the following Parent #1 can only give two gametes so which is ... WG wg and parent #2 can only give one which is wg. Now I place them in the punnett square to get WG wg wg WwGg wwgg So did I do anything wrong? Like whats the f1 generation and f2 generation. I'm really confused because my book shows a two homozygous parents which go through f1 and f2 like P1 Gamete f1 Gen f2 Gen Thanks
  4. Thank you so much for your help. Makes it a lot more clear.
  5. Makes a lot of sense. One more explanation? Its about Mendel. I need to find the phenotypic ratio for f1 generation from a cross of a pure yellow round x green wrinkled My findings show me the following YR YR YR YR and yr yr yr yr so the phenotypic ratio would be yellow and round 4:8 green wrinkled 4:8 Thats for the f1 generation. Hope you don't mind me asking so many questions. I only had one lesson on this, so I need to make sure I understand it clearly.
  6. Thanks a lot. I just need some clarification. I have one more question seen we're on the topic. Does the f1 generation have 8 possible genotypes?
  7. For phenotypic ratio I got Dark hair blue eyes 3:8 Dark hair brown eyes 3:8 blonde hair blues eyes1:8 blonde hair brown eyes1:8 I have reduced the ratio from 16 to 8 , please tell me if i'm correct
  8. Brown eyes(B) are dominate over blue eyes(b) Dark hair (D) dominate over blonde hair(b) Determine the genotype of women with blue eyes and hybrid dark hair and a man with hybrid dark hair and hybrid brown eyes. I believe the genotype is bbDd x DdBb ^is that correct I also need help determining the possible gametes I believe its Db db Db db < female DB Db dB db < Male ^is that correct? Please explain.
  9. Gallium is a one of the few metals that melts near body temperature, its melting point is about 30 C. The latent heat of fusion gallium is 80.4kj/kg. Calculate how much heat is required to melt 150.0g of gallium.(12.1kJ) My answer to this solution is 4337 J/kg. Am i correct? Please explain if you can. Thank you Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedSolved, above answer is wrong. Close Thread.
  10. So sorry for the late reply. I forgot about the forum Thanks so much
  11. Okay. This what I have to. I just want you to explain it to me once so i can do the rest myself thank you. 1. If it was 1500 in Thunder Bay Ontario, what time would it be in St.John? I know its very easy. Please explain and tell me how you got the answer. I guess you have to be Canadian to answer this lol. Thanks
  12. Can you image having sex in Space.?
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