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  1. The universe we live in determines how many dimensions we exist in. If we live in a ten dimensional universe, we must be 10 dimensional beings. However, the length we would extend into the higher dimensions would be minimal. For example, a 2 dimensional creature residing in a 3 dimensional universe would have a length, width, and if you looked closely a small height. It would be similar to a piece of paper. The length and width of the paper are easily measurable, while the height would be extremely small and not easily measurable. If the paper had only a length, width, and no height, it would not exist in a 3 dimensional universe. Therefore, if we live in a universe with 10 spatial dimensions, we must be 10 dimensional beings.
  2. My main purpose is share my idea I do not wish to offend anyone, or put down any religion! Could god ever think of Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire, if Johnny Cash never existed? Unless God's wisdom is infinite (which it often is cited to be, however for the sake of this post we will say it is finite), it would be impossible for him to think of this song, or any piece of art created by man, without first observing it from the artist. This is because art can be created through infinitely many forms (sculptures, paintings, etc) with infinite possibilities in each form, and each work of art can serve an infinite amount of purposes. Now, you may think... "well everything can be made in an infinite amount of ways" things like a method to solve a math problem, or any device used to measure something. The difference between these things and art, is that art can have infinitely many purposes. While there may be infinitely many different solutions to a math equation, all of them have the same purpose, and will lead to the same solution. In conclusion if God had a finite intelligence, and had a finite time to make as many songs as possible, it would be impossible for him to think of Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire without first hearing it from Johnny Cash.
  3. This particle would be the lowest subatomic level. Something we have not and may never discover. However, I do realize that this is merely another untestable idea that is just as good a guess as any other. My main reason for posting is to share an interesting thought of mine. Hopefully, it was at least worth the read and maybe even interesting to you!
  4. I recently thought of this and I admit it is underdeveloped. I thought it might be worth sharing. Criticism is welcome. My idea is that the universe is the result of a SINGLE particle moving at a high/infinite velocity, so that it occupies all space at the same time, creating the illusion of reality.
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