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  1. This question is for theists.. In most religions, religious texts say we were created in a deity's image. In that case, why did we evolve (It seems like random chance we turned out the way we did, only controlled by the habitat), and why will we keep evolving. If a god created us to be like them, and we evolved to get into the position we currently are, then why are we, and will be evolving, to change that? After all, it says we already are in His image.
  2. I'm making a project for school about time dilation, however I would need proof light has the same velocity to all observers. I know it's a postulate, however I couldn't find any experiments that prove this. I would like to have this knowledge for myself alongside the people I'll be presenting it to.
  3. I tried it a long time ago, and I might restart the courses. Thank you for reminding me! Thank you for asking, and I think you're right. I go to a public talent school for the arts, Frank Sinatra High School of the Arts. I take some sophomore courses, like geometry and chemistry. I'm in general a good student, and I'm happy, but I feel I should do better and I don't know how. I'm am also addicted to the internet, mainly youtube, and no matter what I do, but I still end up coming back to it. Right now, I'm reading "A briefer history of time" by Stephan Hawking, as my library on has that version. I'm 14 years old, and there are no AP (advanced placement) courses for freshman. I thank you for warning me about the pills, and I wish you an apology for quoting the entire comment, I'm relatively new to this website, and I'm still learning the basics. I'm 14, and now that I'm thinking about it, I may be too young. I'll try to exercise daily, but that's about it, unless you can give me hints on something relatively my age.
  4. @DevilSolution, thank you so much, I will try to accomplish the tasks you gave to train up the brain, but I will try to hold out on the minerals, vitamins, etc. until later, as I will need to consult with my parents and do more research. You were a lot of help, and it seems that what you say makes sense. For now, I will try to exercise and train my brain daily, with puzzles, board games, and running laps. I'll consider the multivitamins as a priority, and try to sleep the 9 hours to rest efficiently. Any other help can also be appreciated.
  5. Thank you, I will try to do this consecutively, and will see if it helps. I'm glad you replied
  6. I'm a freshman in High-school, and I feel I need to increase my I.Q. and thought process towards critical thinking. I obtained a 92.43% last quarter, but I feel I can achieve better. I'm currently trying to expand my vocabulary, but I need help in memorization and overall thinking. There are many websites with games and/or strategies, but I feel I should ask for help on this forum first, as answers are sincere and un-biased. Any help is appreciated, as I want to study and major in physics in the future, and I suppose preparation will be vital.
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