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  1. Dear all, it is said that once nuclear fusion is invented, all of our energy problems would disappear, but will it solve global warming? The problem with global warming upto this date has two sides: -> We produce heat -> We produce carbon dioxide If only heat would cause global warming then for sure nuclear fusion wouldn't solve the problem. The fact is that when burning fossil energy sources we reintroduce heat (and carbon dioxide) that once already _was_ present on the planet. If we would consume as much energy from nuclear fusion as we do today from fossil energy sources we introduce heat into the atmosphere _that_ _didn't_ _ever_ was present on the planet in all of it's history. And heat, being the most entropic form of energy, will not simply go away, it will heat up the planet even more than it ever was (apart from the very beginning when there wasn't fluent water and stuff). The only problem with my theory is that I don't know the physics of the effect of carbon dioxide on global warming. If we should be able to use nuclear fusion in stead of fossil and if we, for instance, pump the overhead of carbon dioxide into lower layers of the earths crust, maybe the heat wouldn't cause that much problems. Or would it ? Seeing forward to your comments, S.
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