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  1. my objective is to create pure silver nanoparticles smaller than 10 nm is this possible with electrolysis ? ive heard AC electrolysis in not possble but my experiments keep bringimg me back to AC is there an AC process thats viable..thank for your comments
  2. the moderator has explain this is not a place for therepeutic uses of silver. i never asked for advce on uses of silver i asked for info on speculated outcomes of reactions and maybe certain properties of of specific elements not getting back to the blue guy who drank silver cholride in large amounts for 14 yearsbefore turning blue and still doesnt have any heath problems just cosmeticat least i came with three positive uses approved by theFDA (food and drud administration) . im not condone or approving of its use . silver particle size if read my message that is what im triing to achieve in my experiments a pure silver, small nanoparticle of say .3nm . so instead of attacking me with the blue man in hogwash moon stick to the science .don't get me wrong negative feedback is great someone tells me I can't do it ,then i do ...reveiw my questions not my opinions and I'll do the same.I may not be a scientist but all work and no play makes dick a dull boy.is far is the Wright brothers go they had a bicycle shop ..you have no idea who I am and what i am capable of.i may not have your knowledge and I am no you ,thank God for small miracles .please please I don't want to waste your time or mine i have things to do .I came here seeking information or data .. thank you again for your insight no matter how narrow it may be. MODERATOR PLEASE EXCUSE ME FROM MY BABLE I AM JUST LOOKING FOR INFO ON EXPERIMENT IM DOING hes made a living a career out of it..an has no health problems what is there like 9 cases of turning blue in the whole world ever as far back as know to man more people have died blowing there noses ..i dont know who died and left you incharge BOZO
  3. if would have told the wright brothers they couldnt fly were would we be now?i under stand you concern but i think there is no evidence that silver is harmful and people have been using it for thousands of years maybe in larger nanoparticles it ca be trapped in tissue or organs the fda has approve for severe burns and new borns with some kind of eye infection also as some kid of dissinfectant on surgical instruments and syringes and so forth .maybe the wrong kind of form for me to get the information I need . i may not have academic skills or be a student tying to keep your grades up but i am a student of life and very cautious when it comes to these matters . i kinda expected exactily the kind of answer you gave me good advice but being being optimistic which one has to be when taking the road less traveled hoping to get some real answers .you had to pick out the moon thing to make me sound crazy.have you ever been on a date where the full moon just made everything alright special .i believe in a higher power too .thank you for your time i know im just one little gain of sand in the scope of what youve done and what you do is beyond my capacity. being 52 years young and not a complete idiot i will mudle along we may have one thing in common we both wont listen to the other . i only ask for your help because you seem to be the most intelligent and educated person ive come across on this site i will continue my quest for data and achieve my goal in my time ....one love peace crytalline I AM that I AM the moon does so much more .the seasons the tides and lets not forget love.... by the way back in the day all those allchemist had a different name for silver i think ( LUNA) hence lunatics come out with the full moon... which just happens to come out tonight nov.17. so all you guys & girls get off the computer and go look at moon tonight you just might get lucky..thanks for the support .good look n out.... : )
  4. heard of colloidal silver used as disinfectant silver supposta kill up to 600 pathogens virsues and bateria just a thought crytalline
  5. thank you for your assistance,i thought about oxygen but since im use ing AC alternating current one lead has silver and other is just above solution 1/4 incn which producrs the arc since current alternates first lead is anode and cathode second lead doesnt second lead does not touch solution if i use oxygen wont the arc cause some kind of ignition,im wondering if the arc infuses whatever its surrounded by oxygen nitrogen and so on will the arc infuse it. im try n to make the pureiest and smallest silver nanoparticles as possible also will crystalline silver have a different reaction than regular processed silver ive heard crysalline has a peiso electric property this stuff is all new to me and im not try n to go in blind the equitment im using is similar to what powers a neon sign its made by a company yhat makes colloidal silver but they stop selling it in 1990 because it was dangerous 10,000volts i have so many questions never getting answers only more questions .i guess thats how its supposta be thanks again for taking your time to assist me crytalline also i dont see how i would end up with lead oxide if in using Ag. 99.99 pure silver crystals please understand im not educated in the sciences im just a guy try n to nut , and would like to thank everyone for there help .who knows i may stumble upon something great s[nce lots of discoveries happen by accident ..guess what ive always been an accident wait n to happen ....my next experiment will start on nov 17 full moon they say its best at this time ..who is they, those that are not use....we shall overcome im not a complete idiot there are some parts missing..but im as close as you can get without try n ... cheers to the weekend
  6. im doing ac htgh voltage 10,000 volt process with crystalline silver silver crystals Ag, 99.98 pure and distilled water . objective to obtain pure silver nanoparticles 0.2 to 0.3 nm . 1 gallon of non conductive distilled water TDS reading 0.00 ppm ,25 grams of crystalline silver there is no + or - leads only 2 red pos leads because of alternating current first lead placed in solution with silver second lead placed six inches away from and 1/4 inch above solution connected to a one inch piece of silver whtch a constant purple arc makes contact to surface of solution. heres first question ive heard that nitrogen can be infused thru the arc which may cause the reaction to be toxjc when combined with stomach acids if this true is there a way to reduce or stop nitrogen infusion? im thinking maybe a vacuum ..right now after three hours im obtaining a TDS reading of 300 ppm thats crystal clear .when using DC low voltage 36vlt at approximently 10 to 25 ppm the solution would turn light grey or yellowish in color leading me to believe must be larger silver particles than desired can anyone shed some light on what may be happening ?they say there are no stupd questions only stupid answers ,i may make you believe different .....thanks for take your time to look at this here is appreratise that im using:
  7. specifically im using AC 10,000 volt process in distilled water one lead in solution with crystalline silver , silver crystals and other about 6 inches apart and 1/4 jnch above solution producing a constant purple arc try n to make silver colloids small nanoparticles 0.2 to 0.3 nm range ... my TDS reads 0.00 ppm at start and 3 hrs later 300.00 ppm and solution is crytal clear ,now when i used DC low voltage process the solution would turn light grey or yellowish between 10 ppm and 25 ppm my conclusion that if i can see something in solution then must not be nanoparticles in smaller range of between 0.2 & 0.3 nm any and all advice or assistance will be helpful thank you for taking the time to look this over ...ive heard tale there are no stupid questions only stupid answers but im sure i can change that !also heard crystalline silver may have a peizo electric property how may this effect the outcome of of reaction also ive heard that nitrogen can be infused through the arc any thoughts on how to stop or lower the amount of nitrogen entering reaction ?thinking vacuum
  8. ok folks i just want to know im no rocket sceintist so bear with me please ..im am using AC 10.000 volt electrolysis process with crystalline silver, silver crystals that may have a peizo electric property in a disstilled water solution TDS reads 0.00ppm when starting it takes about three hours to make TDS reading of 300.00 ppm,silver is conected to one lead and other is placed about 6 inches away from the other lead the lead without silver is placed about 1/4 of an inch above water producing a constant purple arc now ive heard that nitrogen could be infused thru the arc ,is this possible ?if so how might i be able to combat this ? iwas thinking vaccuim or placing silver crystal about an inch long one end in solution the other in glass tube making spark jump in tube above reaction any thoughts will be greatly appreciated .when its done the solution is crystal clear (no pun intended) and has a small metalic taste i guess may have figuered out im try n to make colloidal silver in smallest nanoparticles ive tried to use low voltage DC process it always came out a light gray or yellow tint between 10 ppm and 20 ppm i concluded that if i can see some thing in solution they must not be small enough nano particles need nanoparticles in 0.02 to 0.03 range . im not any good at terminoligy or spelling please excuse me for that... thanks
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