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  1. maybe the primers are similar to the ozazaki that may show different characteristic from the originating strands?
  2. John - Atheism is the world's oldest religion. It is a belief in no God but that of the truth. I think it is the strongest definition of God that any religion can offer. we good.
  3. expansion and contraction will be a function of its size and temperature - John? keep talking......do you have more on this?
  4. you're part of it panic. don't get funny. no cookie no bike no country.
  5. is that resistance? english mettle? okay. last i remember i was putting people on boats to the distant parts. John, are you there?
  6. it is instruction to begin work John. it is direction. like a survey reveals the possibility of finding oil. yes?
  7. they failed because they tried to jeopardize my studies. england gambles. and what do you mean when you say 'they failed us'? tridimity. they don't represent you. who are you
  8. marathon. i think he meant like keep driving till it screams.
  9. there is a guy named Niels Abel. he tried and failed to solve the quintic - polynomial degree five. find it, solve it. it is trivial.
  10. i personally feel the english people are avoiding labor and spending too much time discussing nothing on the internet. everybody knows the sham. save it. from now on, internet websites will be regulated and fraternizing limited. the happy times are over. i suggest you take a walk - get some fresh air. cheers, Amanbir Singh Grewal England Of The Khalsa.
  11. a system of equations has a unique solution. always.
  12. i think you won't make it . i think youre too happy. sorry.
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