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  1. Dear Dr. Bruce, Thank you so much. I do not know about these theories of gravity. I'm flattered that you answered my question. I will bring these theories of gravity for example, when I talk with my friends from the Academy of Sciences. -- Sincerely yours, V. Dr. Bruce, Do you are interest in the application of Lie groups to the manifolds? I'm find a co-author who could verify the mathematical calculations. -- Sincerely yours, V.
  2. I learned that I needed. I'm do not empty talk. I'm in a losing position to the owners of the forum, which can come under different accounts and create any responses to prove his innocence! I did not know the name "irreducible complexity" but I know now. I do not do conspiracy theorists.This topic is closed. I gave an example.
  3. Imagine that you ask people on street where to buy a mini cooper? You ask the address of the motor shop. One passersby said the address and added words that a truly bloke it will not buy yourself because Mini Cooper for blondes. That is, passersby puts in your head view that car for blondes. You do not need junk information. You just needed the address of the store. With regard to science, this is called the scientific ethics, when knowledge is transferred without indoctrination science. In your place, I would have stopped responding because it will be trying to get out of the situation. I can find “irreducible complexity” in Google and I can independently conclude that the theory.
  4. Where to see proof of the fact that the linear space is left free module over the ring?
  5. 1) Thanks for reply. 2) I am not a creationist. 3) I learned that I wanted. 4) I think that my question is not a crime and you can not do without phrases "creationist crackpot alive".
  6. Interesting article, I'll ask my friends to check the calculations.
  7. There are several theories of gravity. What theories of gravity you know?
  8. In one TV show I caught heard of the theory of an American scientist who has found in biological cells as inseparable parts of a motor and other elements that can not be explained by evolutionary development. Please help me find the name of this scientist.
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