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  1. they harnessed the power of the earth, just like tesla, the pyramid was basicly the same as tesla's wardenclyffe tower.
  2. maths can't solve everything. If there is a equation for an unbounded universe, it will be an endless one
  3. i did not mock the mods. a joke is a joke. everything is taken so seriously
  4. ok almighty moderator.... it has everything to do with my op, my op was about investigating the pyramids with a different approach other than they were just tombs, but because science isn't as open minded as it once was, people are not willing to investigate the possibilities of what could be the just sit in front of a computer... and procrastinate as i am doing now
  5. science has become like religion, people do not realise nothing is certain, and when we discover new things we are just uncovering what was already there.
  6. i get that you can have a infinite universe in a bounded sphere, sort of like the pi ratio of a circle. that makes a little more sense but still doesn't answer my question on if space itself is timeless, this big static sphere must sit somewhere
  7. i do not believe the universe is a sphere, any evidence? i picture the physical universe as a massive nebula, but i'm asking what is beyond that and i do not need to get to grips, nothing is proven in this field.
  8. if their is a creator HE must be timeless, but i do not think there is a creator, and space can not be finite, it has to be infinite. because if there's boundaries what is past them. (MORE SPACE) My view on a creator is the universe and it's laws
  9. im not thinking it as a fixed quantity i'm thinking it as limitless and in itself timeless, it will always be there and alays has been we are just in a cycle, the big bang was more than likely a super sun that collapsed, and turned into a crazy black hole, that was so dense it was the size of a single particle. I'm not saying this is how it is, because none of us know how it is. http://www.universetoday.com/104863/
  10. it wasn't a desert 5000 years ago..... and i don't think slaves built the pyramids.... they are to perfect
  11. what evidence, their has never been a mummy found in the great pyramids, and they don't mention it in any of their hieroglyphs..
  12. that doesn't answer my question... what is it expanding into? if space has boundaries, what is past them boundaries? It has to be limitless
  13. most history is fiction, we do not know who made the first steam engine, they had hot running water in santorini about 5000 years ago. The ancient way of life was to live with the elements, they were more in tune with nature than we are today.
  14. sounds to me like a black hole that went kaboom is the big bang theory (on a massive scale) still you seem to be still talking about the physical aspect of space, if space is expanding what is it expanding into? More space.... if space has boundaries what lies past them boundaries?
  15. the universe is expanding the space it is expanding into was already there.....
  16. We measure time because we have a end, and physically experience time. the earth, the sun everything that has mass in the universe ages, space has no mass. Time is not a constant. The big bang is a theory for our universe (milky way), there is be more than one. More than likely a super massive star that collapsed and turned into that massive black hole in the centre of the milky way. And any explosion would push everything out so it would seem we are expanding, into space that was already there. Never mind that if something created space, who created them ect ect. Like i said, for ever (no beginning and no end) is pretty hard to wrap your head around, and the math is there, it just ins't solvable because the equation has no end. INFINITY It can't have a end, it has no no beginning no end and is limitless. think about it, if it ends, whats after that? More space.... it has to be infinite universe may be expanding but the space it is in is not.
  17. Space has no time. only the physical objects within the space seem to age. space does not age, it just changes. It has always been there, and always will be. Thats the thing humans will never be able to comprehend, there is no creator, because you cant create something that has no beginning or end, just like it has no boundaries, it will be endless.
  18. Space has no time. only the physical objects within the space seem to age. space does not age, it just changes. It has always been there, and always will be. Thats the thing humans will never be able to comprehend, there is no creator, because you cant create something that has no beginning or end, just like it has no boundaries, it will be endless.
  19. history is written by those who conquer.... even if the egyptians did harness power, the greeks, romans wouldn't acknowledge it for what it was, and i'm pretty sure the egyptians wouldn't share it.They made the pyramids too perfect for anything else, not even a razor blade could fit through the seams, and no mummy's have ever been found in these so called tombs. They have hieroglyphs of light bulbs with wire attached, the position of the pyramid is in too much of a perfect position to say it is coincidence, and the materials used are used in the perfect way in which to harness the earth's power and turn it into electricity.
  20. i have no religious beliefs, just believe that all the religions today were based on those of the ancients. And their beliefs were about cycles of the sun, and the stars. http://www.stellarhousepublishing.com/jesussunexcerpt.html http://jesusastrotheology.com/wintersoltice.htm
  21. I know i probably sound like a broken record but the way i see it god does exist..... in the form of a sun. Not our sun, Probably a number of supermassive stars that existed billions if not trillions of years ago. As for jesus and other other sun god's that have existed throughout time they are all to do with the winter solstice and the sun to appear motionless from dec 22-dec 25th on the in the center of the southern cross. Hence the sun dies on the cross for 3 days, then is resurrected.
  22. http://www.ancient-world-mysteries.com/tesla.html http://activeden.net/forums/thread/giza-pyramid-power-plant-theory/47087 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGoUpTDnZCo there are too many too list. And in reply to your question, it is the location of the pyramid ( on top of a aquifer ) and in a spot that is more conductive than pretty much anywhere else in that area. the material used, the chemical compounds found in the different rooms in the structure.
  23. sorry for not being on your level of intelligence but what exactly is wrong? some people don't know everything and we are curious...... how about elaborating on the subject instead of trying to point out i am pretty simple in intelligence.....
  24. I know it is just a theory, but what if the ancient egyptians did harness the power of electricity. If what i have been reading has any truth, they were probably more advanced than we are in terms of clean energy. The way they built the great pyramid of giza, and where they built it is pretty interesting. No soot has been found in any of the tombs or pyramids, yet they were able to paint accurate paintings in complete darkness. At the moment it's all speculation and i'm sure no one is in a rush to fund any actual research into the matter. (free electricity might make some very rich people poor).
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