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  1. I think there exist a possible answer similar to that of Mr. Schrodinger cat, in that uncertainty exist here, because if you were to look in, you would only then find all the things plus your self were inside, where as before you looked inside, you would just see things slowly falling toward the event horizon.
  2. Mr. Airbrush ; I would think the mass at the EH would be 2 Dimensional relative to an observer outside the BH. However I understand where you are comming from, because as we know some BH's are thought to spin, my question would be how can a BH spin if the relative time of an event occuring at the EH would be infinite to an observer outside the BH?
  3. UC : Your statement "ok, so i know that we can acheive fusion through heating ditrium and triteum atoms to a plasma state so they collide and connect with themselves, creating hydrogen", may have a typo in it , because the end product of the fusion reaction should be Helium, not Hydrogen. Also to work in space would be very expensive.
  4. Norman: Who was the person that first derived the hbar constant?
  5. There are several concepts out there about what happens, one such concept has been presented by one of Mr. Hawking's friends, a Mr. Kipp Thorne. His concept has the mass of the black hole being converted into energy in the form of increased space-time curvature, simply stated, into gravity. Another concept has the mass (or energy) conveyed to alternate universe. Still there are others that think the mass is tranfered to another part of our own universe. Hope this helps.
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