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  1. I once read that the frequencies of any electrical component lumped or distributed can be calculated with a good knowledge of maxwells equations.I have to first read electrodynamics to understand maxwells eq.and its quite voluminous.yet I'm on this project that requires me to syncronize the resonant frequencies of a single loop of wire and I don't have the required time to read through all topics of electrodynamics.I know that a single ring of conductor when exited would vibrate at resonant frequencies determined by its distributed capacitance,inductance and its circumference.and I know that w
  2. Perpetual motion is possible.it only takes the right knowledge
  3. Pls can someone tell me how to calculate the resonant frequency of a short circuited loop of wire in terms of (1)distributed inductance and capacitance(2) in terms of conductor length and electrical speed.thanks for any help available
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