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  1. for number 1 P1=300 kPa Sat.vapor ------> V1=Vg=0.60582 m^3/kg P2=300 kPa T2=200 C ------->V2=0.71643 m^3/kg Where V2 come from? Wb=MP(V2-V1) Wb=(5kg)(300KN/m^2)(0.71643-0.60582)m^3/kg Wb=165.78 KJ For question number 2 i don't have any idea.. please help
  2. 1.A mass of 5kg of Saturated water vapor at 300 kPa is heated at constant pressure until the temperature reaches 200C. calculate the work done during the process. 2.Steam enters a nozzle at 350C and 800 kPa with a velocity of 15 m/s, and leaves at 250C and 200 kPa for an inlet area of 750 cm^2. Determine the velocity of the steam at the nozzle exit. This is the type of problems that will go out my exam. please help me answer this problem so i can study and understand this problem.
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