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  1. I thought I would provide you with the successful resolution to my visual basic problem. The winner that resolved my dilemma was doG. I investigated, loaded and am now using FreeBasic on my Dell 64 bit computer (Windows 7) It is a free code and am well into developing programs that are running just fine. So, all that replied many thank you's. You all made my day, and saved me $450 because I didn't have to purchase the VisualBasic6. Anyone else that wants a great basic program go to www.FreeBasic.com Bill D
  2. Thanks All, Thanks John. Thanks Bignose and BTW wasn't interested in anything illegal here. Thanks Sensi. I thought maybe there was a half price sale somewhere. I will checkout the Microsoft 2012 version on Bignose's link. Have a nice day. Bill
  3. Hi, Im a retired engineer (74 y/o) and cant afford the $450 for a copy of Visual Basic 6. Last time I used basic was Q Basic. Anyway, I have Dell 64 bit, Windows 7 Ultimate. Any suggestions on getting a used copy somewhere or some how ? I don't need games, etc. just pure math programming. I'm writing a book on 'Approximate Calculus' Thanks for any suggestions. Bill D
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