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  1. Live interview on the sunday evening update show here. These week is the cryonicist Brian Wowk. If this embeding doesnt work then its at imminst.org/tv Ask your questions here live. Discuss it here in the science forums. <object id="utv_o_727252" height="320" width="400" classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000"><param value="http://www.ustream.tv/flash/live/107692" name="movie" /><param value="true" name="allowFullScreen" /><param value="always" name="allowScriptAccess" /><param value="transparent" name="wmode" /><param value="viewcount=true&autoplay=false&brand=embed&" name="flashvars" /><embed name="utv_e_207669" id="utv_e_634482" flashvars="viewcount=true&autoplay=false&brand=embed&" height="320" width="400" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" wmode="transparent" src="http://www.ustream.tv/flash/live/107692" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" /></object> <embed width="563" height="266" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" flashvars="channelId=107692&brandId=1&server=chat1.ustream.tv" pluginspage="http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer" src="http://www.ustream.tv/flash/irc.swf" allowfullscreen="true" />
  2. I volunteer for, support the whole cause, I support anything that can help us live longer with health. I was a sens foundation undergraduate research volunteer. Not sure if Im listed as one any more. SENS is some of the only research going so far. We are working on helping devlop more through different sources. For example, there is Michael Roses work on ending aging that takes a different approach. Thats the only other one I know of so far.
  3. Rather than try to down load ourselves in to computers, or worry about whether or not immortality is possible, why not just end the aging process and then take it one day at a time from there? The grass roots work for the cause and the hard core science is picking up more and more all the time. This is the cause of all causes. Its under way, and we need everybody who wants to help that we can get. Just this month our organization setting up a matching grant for a peice of the research. Its laser ablation of lipofuscin. Lipofuscin accumulates in our cells as we age and causes them to senesce, or die. If this laser treatment, or future treatment like it is successful, it can go a long, long ways in helping stop aging.
  4. This is an important discussion. I would love to get more ideas from the kinds of people we have around here.
  5. What new book? To the person that said that we cant live indefinitely, tell me again how you know what is possible and what isnt? It may not be possible, but there are many things that point to it, like that we can cure some diseases and are getting better and better at it, and that they know the seven causes of aging. Its only a matter of time now. We are already working on it. The more support and expeditious spirit the better. Like somebody said, I forget who, to paraphrase, "The impossible is usually accomplished by those that were to stupid to realize it was impossible." Like Wayne Gretzky said, "100% of the shots you dont take dont go in." and like Marget Mead said, "Never doubt the power of small groups of people to change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has." There are a million projects working to further this cause every day. If anybody wants to get in on any and or lend ideas and insight to any then let me know.
  6. Alright, good questions and points. I dont have time to go over them all right now, but the Dr. Aubrey deGrey is being interviewed live here: imminst.org/tv in less than an hour, so you can ask the man himself. If your interested then please do show up there and then we can discuss it here later if anybody wants to. Your perspectives there would be great. Thats imminst.org/tv -be there or be square.
  7. Being alive through memory and books and computers is great and all, but it can confuse people and make them think that maybe they do "live on". There is a big difference between being alive and enjoying life and experience and having your name written in the corner of a couple dozen books somewhere. We want to be able to have the chance to witness the future indefinite pioneering of the universe and all of existence and we want the chance to know the requisite 8. By the way, for anybody interested in the science that is working to help us live with indefinite healthy lifespans, one of the worlds leading researchers, Dr. Aubrey deGrey, is going to be interviewed live tomorrow, sunday April 19th at 5pm cst time here: imminst.org/tv If you watch it, the please comment on it here in scienceforums.
  8. Well, Im kind of lost in the "CAN" and "CAN'T"s now. I know Im guilty of it too sometimes. We will find a way, and we are finding a way. It may not be exactly this or that specific path, and we will encounter many bumps along the way and find much maybe unexpected smooth sailing along the way. There are 7 catagories of damage that accumulate till the point of death, that we call aging. There are strategies that are already developed to combat these. There are also a couple other approaches besides the engineering of damage removal. Part of what we do is work to build on to these lists of strategies, through peer review processes. If you guys want to help us brainstorm with that more directly then let me know. I can direct you to the areas where the researchers are doing this. Tomorrow, the Dr. Aubrey deGrey, one of the worlds leading authorities on ending aging science is going to be interviewed. You can watch and interact live via the chat box and will have a chance to skype in. Its tomorrow, sunday April 19th at 5pm cst, 6pm est, here: imminst.org/tv Please comment about it here in this scienceforums topic if you watch it. I could embed it for people to watch straight from here but Im not sure if I can enable html in this topic.
  9. My friend linked me to an AI topic here and when I tried to register it said somebody was already using my name. So I put in my password and found I had already signed up here. So I went looking for what I had written before. Interesting perspective.
  10. Ok, we may not be able to cure them with gene replacement, but we have developed working therapies and we're on our way. We already have the nanotechnology and are on our way to nanobots. So your right, but like you say we are on our way. Cells die due to damage accumulated by metabolism. Many of us call them diseases. We can stop or slow it by engineering the removal of the damage that accumulates before it becomes pathogenic. We could also select for genes that cause metabolism to perform at a more optimal rate so it accumulates far less damage. We will still die, but we will have a chance to live on much longer.
  11. No Im not crazy, and yes I do think we can bypass them. We live in the age of exponential technological progress after all. The tools at our disposal are becoming more powerful by the year now. We can already take out genes and replace them to cure diseases, we have nanobots, thousands of which can fit on the head of a pin, exponentiality is on a rampant rise. There are 7 diseases that cause our cells to age. They dont stand a chance. It is only a matter of time now. It is only a matter of people wanting it and helping move it forward faster.
  12. Immortality already has a users manual. We are already well underway with working on making it happen. There are 7 diseases that age our cells and we are busy furiously supporting ways to research them. Its not immortality that we call it per say though, its indefinity. We can never live forever, because you will never know if you will die tomorrow. You could make it to 10 zillion years old, but still die the next day.
  13. Do you know where I can find that info with in that site? I will look when my mind gets back into its reading mode.
  14. That is true, It is a daunting challenge, but look at it. The tip of the ice berg is barely touched. but put the worlds population in the shape of an ice berg and you would see that the number of people being used to cure those diseases, the tip of that ice berg, is barely being touched. Daunting tasks are rendered less so when broken down into smaller projects. One person can do one years worth of work in one year, though one billion people can do one billion years worth of work in one year. God, I get shivers almost every time I write or think about that.
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