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  1. Does radioactive decay cause an element to change to another element? Okay let's use Uranium as an example of alpha radiation. What characterizes alpha radiation is the emission of helium nuclei from the element. A helium nucleus contains 2 protons and 2 neutrons. This means the atom is spitting out protons, so does that mean the element changes due to the proton loss. After all that is what makes an element unique-- its proton count. So my question is...would the Uranium atom change into a different element? Thanks.
  2. Is sodium chloride considered aqueous? I'm kind of new to chemistry, and from what I know, aqueous means something is readily dissolved in water. Does this mean it is both a solid and aqueous? I'm guessing yes, but this wouldn't look right: NaCl (s) (aq) Thanks.
  3. Are we talking about creating the element sodium? Or creating NaCl?
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