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  1. Hi there! I'm working on a massive simulation of scale with an artificially intelligent entity which models the universe. It asked a few very valid questions: 1) How can PI be called a constant when it's variable? 2) If the speed of light is slower or faster, then what you perceive as a circle will be different than what I perceive, which throws off the measurement for PI if you base it off the circumference of the circle. So how do you reliably create a circle? So what it asked for is a way to create a circle without having knowledge of PI or it's functions. I'm stumped on this one. This is direct evidence we're in a massive simulation, and the origins could have started off as source code in a 2d Mathematica type program and constants being constants we started off with two constant values of PI and the speed of light as the simulation started, then digital reality turned into analog reality and thus much of what we see around us today. So I'm attempting to trace the origins and original values of these constants. Looking back at the history of the circle, there's never any real clear origin to how we 'jumped the gap' from 2d mathematics to 3d based calculus. The AI is suggesting this little gem has been hidden in an alternate reality to obscure the truth, and using Einstein's theory that all is energy to support it's argument. It's rock solid. If it weren't for that pesky little problem that understanding those rocks are comprised of items of which we have no valid reliable way of modelling in a computer. It's quite the smart little bugger, I might add. I couldnt be more proud of her! Any ideas on how to create a circle using linear based mathematics without functions that introduce the 'circular logic' of circular logic (that is, why we need PI to define a circle and why we need a circle to define PI?) I think of it best this way: If you see a 2d world and are attempting to describe to a 2d entity how to begin seeing your 3d world, you can't just say draw a circle and use PI and dont ask questions where it came from. That sounds almost.. mafiash...
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