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  1. bone and tooth belong to a woolly Rhino.We can donate them to the Museum.
  2. Movement with great speed the natural state of the universe.Why is everyone rushing with such speed?The more cosmic structure, the greater the speed.The reason dark energy? The fact that the universe is expaning with acceleration cause in motion,it could not defeat gravity.
  3. Found on the bay,water washed shore.The bones of chuldren gathered in a bag and now it is stored at our house.In the tubules of the tooth can be preserved DNA of the animal.Then I will try to show on the internet.
  4. On the shore they found bones and teeth of an ancient animal the length of a fragment of a tooth of 7,5cm of the edge of tooth at the circumferenceof wavy has 7 waves.The tooth may have preserved the dentin.There is also a tibia, vertebrae the size from tip to tip 26cm. What is this animal? Maybe it 's the bones and teeth of varios animals,they were in one place.
  5. I beleive that dark energy expands the universe. Maybe dark energy is the space of the universe with electromagnetic,gravitional and other fields rushing at the speed of light.And in place where there was galaxy this movement is slowed and in the General scale of the universe with other galaxies,it appears removing them from each other with increasing speed.
  6. What evidence?At relativistic addition of any speed with the speed of light turns out again the speed of light.If space itself propagates at the speed of light there can be no addition.There is no space there is no addition of velocities. The universe is expanding with acceleration,the further from us the astronomical object the greater its relative speed.The acceleration comes from the fact that the mass of astronomical objects is constantly growing So the expansion we observe in the universe around us astronomical objects
  7. The Big Bang which occurred everywhere reminds me Huygens-Fresnel's principle. We will present that each point of space is a source (secondary waves) of radiation that is new space.For example,the classical law of addition of speeds isn't carried out for light c+c=c here,why? The classical law of addition of speeds is carried out in realy space and if to move with because together with light the new space is created. The neutrino particle is the product of nuclear reactions,it is not primary
  8. Why not assume thet the space is moving at the speed of light.So hepothetically graviton travels at the speed of light.From vacuum under certain conditions arise photons,which are also moving at the speed of light.These particles make up the space,of course there are other particles that have not been discovered. Regarding the charge of the electron,the electron is one of the smallest particles of matter,if other particles with mass,no charge,they compound.
  9. If we assume that the space is moving at the speed of light, and the particle recciving mass slow down, becomes spin,twists and behaves like a charged particle. May be the cause of electric charge of an electronin the acguisition of the mass?
  10. Galaxies move away from each other in the expanding Univere.Since galaxies have huge masses that they move much slower that the space,itself which is likely to end moves with the speed of light.The resulting particles from space with mass as the electron,the proton behave like a vortex or spinning tops it is maybe the result of their slowly move space.Then it is easier to explain the origin of the electric charge of elementary particles and gravity massive bodies.
  11. Let me add a little here. Believe,that the speed of movement of stars in the outskirts of galaxies is higher than expected due to the presence of dark matter. May be it's not dark matter, and formation of space particles with mass,which give additional impetus to material objects.
  12. May be the beginning of the rotation of galaxies due to the expansion of the Universe.When the expansion of the Universe,where there were particles with mass movement speed decreased,it is possible particle with mass appeared compact and and there where there were more paeticles with mass became the site of the future nucleus of the galaxy.The rest of the formed mass in the form of gas clouds following the core and twisted.
  13. Two photon will collide and interact,as everything in nature cooperates,for examle occurring chemical,nuclear,thermonuclear reactions and the stars merge in order interacted photons to each other,of cours,need a lot of energy and density of photons.Can be to use interferencial maxima of a laser beam in the small volume as the greatest number of photons gets to the central maxima and the probability of collisions is more.
  14. Action of gravitation reminds me light refraction in transparent substances.For example,violet beams refract in glass more strongly red,we will present index of refrection increases, beams will stsrt being bent as in a cycloid.Action of gravitation is similar, but it is more difficult,it is necessary to consider the particles creating the weight which sticks at the movement of particles and the and the final result the Solar system and galaxy will turn out.Of course space not empty,space particles the which create gravitation at the movement are involved in the movement.Also,between magnetism
  15. Some part meteories back jump aside in space, was reported that in Antarctica the meteorie from wars is found
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