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  1. Thanks for the responses. But would not trying to mock you or anything but is there anyone who has some experience with plant and dna. A question for them, how hard would it be to change the gene as it don't think it exist in nature so how hard would it be to create the gene and have the plant reacte to a substance or chemical so it dies of. Can we make new genetic information that has never existed before and if so is it time taking or hard?
  2. I just want to say this i just would like someones idea on how we could of evolved this and why and answers it like i did not believe in god or evolution. That how i like to be answered. Ok i have to say this. please dont take this in the wrong way but form i can see, when i google placebo and evolution together i get simple and backed up answers but when i google nocebo and evolution i get nothing that i can get from a google on placebo. And this is just an observation i am making but it seems like evolution has became a religion as because i see it so hard for people come up with new ideas
  3. Ok didn't want this to turn into an argument about evolution i just wanted an answer to full my curiosity on the topic/idea i really hate when a simple question turns into an argument.
  4. Sorry normally when i ask question about evolution people normally say something that's completely off topic trying to prove evolution like i questioned if its true or not. I just think why would it matter if i believe in creationism or evolution. i think of scince a curiosity, so even if am a creationist i does not mean thats i am questioning what you believe because it DOES NOT MATTER. I might just curious of how the theory of evolution comes to things that change it. i do the same thing else. Just saying to me basically science is questioning and if my questioning a thero gets people mad bu
  5. Ok i have this idea. I remembered having this conversation with someone on the problems on genetic engineering in the usa. i think it was about how a big farming company sued a small faming company because there genetically engineered food what breed with there food ( and it was engineered to stop growth or something). and how the government is passing a law on genetic engineering. Ok it the point. cant we do the same thing with illegal drugs to make the addictive properties less addictive or have no addictive properties and stop the growth completely. Then drop the plant where people grow the
  6. Can someone explain to me why would we evolve the nocebo effect in evolution. and please don't give me the typical evolution answer without any evidence. i would like something in the DNA that relates to the nocebo effect before saying something you don't know or guess. thank you
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