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  1. Hi! I am currently working on page ranking algorithm, I have to write a statement that identifies current research problem in page ranking algorithms .. what are the issues that are raising these problems in other words in one paragraph i have to write problem and have to state that what are serious issues with this problem that i am going to address in my research . I have studies a lot of papers on page ranking algorithm but i am not being enable to identify problem with these algorithms precisely . Can any body help me ???
  2. pi=4d0*atan(1d0) i am asking about this "1d0"??? i am not asking about do loop ..
  3. z(j)=28*RAND() !write(*,*) z(j) !50 please explain these two lines pi=4d0*atan(1d0) do 200 j=1,nmax z(j)=28*RAND() !write(*,*) z(j) !50 explain please these lines pi=4d0*atan(1d0) what is ment by "do"????
  4. Actually i wana know what are do loops doing..... their dry run is my need??? I am not getting are they nested loops or simple do loops?? please explain what function they are performing??
  5. I have recently started FORTRAN to learn Can any body explain, what these lines of code written in FORTRAN are doing... !USE MSFLIB use IFPORT implicit none integer nmax,i,m,v,c,j,d parameter(nmax=50) real*8 h,x(2),y(2),f(2),r1(2),r2(2),t real*8 r3(2),r4(2),pi,tmax,ti,lam,k character*20 data1 real*4 r,rr,z(nmax),p(nmax) c Initial Values !k=20 pi=4d0*atan(1d0) do 200 j=1,nmax z(j)=28*RAND() !write(*,*) z(j) !50 p(j)=10*RAND() !10 200 continue do 100 m=1,nmax c=0 d=0 x(1)=z(m) x(2)=p(m) write(*,*) m, x(1),x(2) tm
  6. i need data on that can you provide data about them.. i just want to know what they are ???? and what their functionality is??
  7. I want to have clear concept about hybrid computers , i have serched alot this topic on internet but i am not getting clear idea about this. can any body guide me what are hybrid computers?? how they differ from other types of computers?? What is their importance ?? applications??
  8. What are the factors that make job shop a NP hard problem?
  9. hello.. I am trying to write order crossover specifications in pvs . i have done with cut, head and tail functions specifications now i need a delete function which delete a sequence to another sequence here is a fuction that del del_element(a:T, p):RECURSIVE finseq[T]= (# length:= p`length, seq := LAMBDA (i:below[p`length]):(if p`seq(i) =a THEN empty_seq[T] ELSE del_element(a,p) ENDIF)#) MEASURE p`length delete all occurrences of element a. can any body guide me
  10. what about concurrencyin os/dos??????
  11. actually i have no intrest in hard ware....soo this is why i left that topic.... i have very good grades in distributed systems ..so i have decided to go with DFS.. tommorow is my meeting with my supervisior i wannted to do homework before meeting thats why i was seeking help.. soo please enthalpy give me suggestion on DFS topic if you can ... at this time i am seeking answer of the questions posted by edearal... i find them interested major problem is that we dont have acess to paper of acm or ieee etc.... sooo i am finding difficuly to find answer these questions as well as my thesis t
  12. hello edearl sir ...can you please let me know what can i do in distributed file systems???? is it currently active topic..... can you please identify any area for me as theses...
  13. can I do a paper on Risks and Risk Management Strategies in Cloud Computing ???? is it a hot research area sir???????
  14. thank you sir ,,, for your help.... but sir my problem is "PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION" in all these field.. please guide me what is the basic thesis problem in operating system and software engineering field??? regardzzz
  15. ok ... if this topic is out of fashioned then let me know what is going on new in software engineering field and operating system?? and please mention little bit easy work..
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