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  1. When an object enters the gravitational field of a black hole it accelerates towards the singularity. According to E=mc^2 the object will gain energy and mass as its velocity increases. Since energy and mass cannot be created the increase in mass of the object must come from the black hole with a corresponding reduction in the mass of the black hole. If there are several objects being pulled towards the black hole gravity must transfer mass to all the objects and at some point the reduction of mass will cause it not to be a black hole. At that point does the singularity expand back to the size of a smaller neutron star and the black hole cease to exist? If gravity transfers mass to other objects wouldn't this also occur before the sun collapses into a black hole and prevent the formation of the black hole? The relationship between gravity and energy is contradictory. If you fire a bullet into the air does its mass increase to account for potential energy or decrease because its velocity is decreasing? There are no black holes, E<>mc^2, and there is no force of gravity.
  2. Einstein said there was no way to distinguish between acceleration and the force of gravity and came up with special relativity, E=mc^2. If the equation is correct then mass becomes a variable that increases from acceleration but is constant in gravity so using an electrical or magnetic force, which are independent, you can do an experiment to see if the mass is increasing and distinguish between acceleration and gravity. If the premise is right then the conclusion is wrong. If the conclusion is right the premise is wrong. If the magnets all fall off your refrigerator door you are experiencing acceleration not gravity.
  3. The reason this is called a semi unified force theory is because it eliminates the nuclear and gravitational forces then splits the electro-magnetic force into two forces, electric and magnetic. The universe is made up of two things, matter which produces the electric force and energy which causes the magnetic force. Matter gives an object substance while energy gives it structure. The natural state of matter is the neutron. The neutron is not a neutral particle but a subatomic molecule with both a negative and positive charge. The support for this hypothesis is that both the creation of the neutron and its decay into a proton, electron, and gamma ray are exothermic reactions which cannot be. If the neutron had both a positive and negative charge as it moved it would represent two currents going in opposite directions. If it were to move through a magnetic filed the two currents would be pushed in opposite directions providing the force to split the molecule and produce the gamma ray. Energy is a thing not a different form of matter or the property of an object. It gives an object structure and produces a energy field which is evidenced by the magnetic field. The force between two magnetics is not equal to their product over the distance squared and the force of a magnet does not decrease as approximately the cube of the distance. The force between magnetic is equal to their sum divide by the distance between them. This distance is not measured from the center of one magnet to the center of the other magnet but from one magnet to the magnetic field of the other magnet. This can bee shown by doing an experiment. In the experiment a steel block with a magnet is placed on a scale. Over the magnet is suspended a brass threaded rod with another equal magnet and a steel washer screwed on. The attractive force between the three magnets (two permanent magnets and one induced magnet) is measured on the scale in grams. With the higher magnet fixed the steel washer is screwed down the rod approaching the base magnet. As it travels down the rod the force between the magnets does not change until it reaches the midpoint where the force increases. This means the strength of the induced magnet in the steel washer is decreasing linearly as it descends which means the force of the top magnet is decreasing linearly. When it reaches the midpoint it moves into the magnetic field of the base magnet and the force between the base magnet and washer increases decreasing the weight of the steel block. The distance between the magnetics is from one magnet to the magnetic field of the other magnet. The reason the force of a magnet appears to decrease as the approximate cube of the distance is that when you measure the strength of the magnet with a steel block the permanent magnet induces a magnet field in the steel block so you are measuring the force between two magnets. As the magnet gets closer to the block the induced magnet gets stronger and its magnetic field increase causing the distance between the two magnets to also shorten by more than the measured movement. This shows that the strength of an energy field decrease according to distance and that the energy field of objects can add producing larger objects. The energy fields of atoms combine to form molecules. The energy field of these can then combine to form larger objects such as the earth or moon. The earth and moon fields combine to form the earth-moon unit which orbits to sun which has its own energy field which combines with other solar systems to form the galaxy. What we call gravity is really the actions of energy fields upon other objects. Gravity is not a force from mass but energy and when you use the centripetal and gravitational force to find the mass of a planet you are really finding the energy field of that unit. Jupiter is not a gas giant but a solid planet with lots of iron producing the red color and large magnetic field. This was shown when the comet fragments struck it producing plume consistent with a recoil of a solid hitting a solid rather than a solid penetrating a liquid or gas. The calculated mass of Jupiter is the energy of the Jupiter unit. The probes to mars and the moon show that they do not have the lighter density that the calculated mass gives but that they have a smaller energy field than the earth. (To see the argument for gravity being a function of energy got to the invisible post in physic forums general physics "alternative to the force of gravity") The nuclear forces were created to counter the repelling electrical force of the protons in the nucleus. How much energy would it take to split an electron from a neutron in the nucleus and provided it with enough force to overcome the attractive force of all the protons in the nucleus and pass through the repelling force of the orbiting electrons? This would seem to be impossible but that fact that electrons are emitted from atom's nucleus gives the clue on how energy and matter combine to build objects. Energy is attracted to positive matter and repels negative matter. The force of energy is greater than the force of matter so energy is able to knock an electron off a neutron creating a hydrogen atom and acts as a confining force for the nucleus. There is no binding force. This is shown by the fact that an alpha particle with its two electrons in the middle of a four proton tetrahedron is stable even though the electrical forces would cause it to decay while a neutron which is more electrically stable is unstable when not hidden in a nucleus by protons. If there are too few neutrons or electrons in an atoms nucleus the atom is electrically unstable but if thee are too many neutrons or electrons the electron is exposed to the energy field causing the atom to split or eject an electron. Energy fields and electrical fields combine to form units and these units act as the aether that transmits light, the disturbance in one transmitted to the neighboring units. There is no photon and the reason that light bends around a star is because the magnetic field is stronger causing the wave to go faster. This can be seen in a swimming pool where things under water appear closer or magnified because the light is traveling faster in the stronger magnetic field of the water. If you look at a lane divider in a pool with you eyes half in and out of the water the bottom half of the divider appears closer and larger. This also the reason for the red shift in the universe. The light is traveling into weaker and stronger magnetic fields which cause the length of the light waves to shorten or get longer. To see an explanation of the atom, light, chemical bonds and more go to my invisible you tube cite called "physicists are fools". With this theory the sun burns backwards. It starts as a mass of neutrons with only electrical fields. Energy that is attracted to the positive electrical field and begins to convert neutrons into hydrogen atoms. In the proses it creates large atoms some of which are stable. These atoms are then expelled to the trash piles which are the planets and moons. Energy is not produced by the sun but attracted to the sun and the light that comes from the sun is disturbance in the fields produced as matter is converted to hydrogen. This solves one of the paradoxes of nuclear energy. Is it possible to split a hydrogen atom into two deuterium atoms and use the released binding energy to convert two deuterium atoms into helium releasing more energy? Now that I've completed this invisible post I can abandon physics which makes both me and physicists happy.
  4. The mass of the planets is calculated by taking the centripetal force (mass of planets times its velocity squared divided by the distance to the sun squared) to gravitational force (the mass of the planet times the mass of the sun divided by the distance between them squared) between the sun and planet. To solve the equation you multiply both sides of the equation by the distance between them squared divided by the mass of the planet. The result is the mass of the sun is equal to the velocity of the planet squared. This is high school algebra. You cannot find the mass of objects using the force of gravity. The rate an object falls or the velocity of an object in orbit have nothing to do with their mass. There is no force of gravity or force associated with mass.
  5. There is not a force of gravity coming from the sun. There are thousands. There is a separate force for every object in orbit around the sun. These forces behave the same but are independent and do not affect other gravitational forces. The force of gravity between the sun and Jupiter does not affect the planets orbiting between the sun and Jupiter and their forces of gravity. When there is a lunar eclipse the moon produces two different forces of gravity, one towards the earth and a stronger one passing through the earth to the sun. The moon-sun force does not effect the earth. This is different from all other forces which are uniformly produced and decrease in strength in a constant manner. The next problem with the theory of gravity is the increase in energy of falling objects. To explain this potential energy was created where energy was stored in mass and then through unknown means converted to kinetic energy. This may be plausible for objects on earth but becomes complete nonsense when considering asteroids which can fall to many different objects and where changing positions means constant changing potential energy. The potential energy for all possible targets of the asteroid must be stored. If the asteroid approaches earth and kinetic energy increases does the mass decrease or increase as the potential energy for all other targets increases As the velocity increases as mass is converted to energy does the mass increase at the same time as Einstein says? The theory of gravity does not explain why the moon's gravitational pull produces a high tide on the far side of the earth or why the sun with its greater force does not produce a similar high tide at noon and midnight. Finally there is the evidence from space exploration that shows that the law of gravity is wrong. The masses of the moon and planets are found using the law of gravity. According to the calculations the moon and mars should have significant lower density than the earth. The data from the probes going to both mars and the moon show that they have a higher density than the earth. There needs to be a theory that addresses these failures. When Newton proposed the theory of gravity he made the assumption that a object would continue in a straight line unless a force acted upon it. Nothing travels in a straight line, not even light so how do you determine what a straight line is? In this theory we will assume that an object will maintain its energy unless it absorbs or radiates energy. Next we will say that energy is a thing not a property or another form of matter but one of the fundamental building blocks of the universe. Matter gives an object substance while energy gives it structure. Matter produces an electrical field while energy produces an energy field. Energy fields of different objects can combine to form larger objects. Finally objects in an energy field will equalize with the energy field in which they occur. The sun is the center of the solar system's energy field. If you multiply the energy of the planets (velocity squared) times the distance from the sun you get the same value, the energy of the solar system. The same is true when you multiple the energy of satellites orbiting earth and their distance from the earth giving the energy of the object earth. The planets and satellites and planets orbit because they are in equilibrium with energy field in which they exist. If energy is added to a satellite it is no longer in equilibrium and radiates energy moving into a weaker energy field and ending up with less energy than it began with. If you decrease the energy of a satellite it moves into a higher energy field gaining energy and ending up with more energy than it started with. An object falls not because it is being pulled towards the earth but because it is not in equilibrium and moves into a higher energy field gaining energy. Object try to equalize with the energy field. The earth and moon's energy fields combine to form the earth moon unit which orbits the sun. Where the energy fields of the earth and moon combine their is a higher energy level. Water trying to equalize with the higher energy level falls up creating high tides. Since the earth-moon is in equilibrium with the sun it does not cause a daily tide but only when its energy field aligns with the earth-moon's does it increase the energy field causing a higher tide. Each planet has different energy levels and this is where the theory of gravity causes the errors when calculating the mass of planets. This theory makes more sense in explaining the phenomena called gravity and explains the failures of the theory. If the rate an object falls or the velocity of a orbiting object have nothing to do with their mass why would these actions be a function of their mass?
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