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  1. If you study as much as I do so that you can get the best possible results necessary for the career you want in life it is very tiring and demanding, half of my awake time? there is studying also which i do alot of in order to keep up with 5+ courses i do at school and get an A for every subject each term... this takes alot of energy and drains you alot, which is why my mind is always focusing on school not on being unique and creative which teachers don;t care about because creativity is not included in the criteria of our assesments... this is highschool not middle school
  2. Hello I am currently attending high school and I feel as though I learn much more meaningful information on holidays than I do at school, I spend countless hours studying for exams and to complete assignments but I feel as though all this time is being wasted when the possibility is there for us to all individually become something unique to benefit not only our selves but society as well. I am almost fnished with my highschool studies but I feel as though all this time I have spent studying for the sake of it is to get a job, I mean a job is neccesary to live in the current society in present
  3. I have read some where that if such permanent cures were to be found than pharmaceutical companies would lose alot of profit from there temporary cures for these diseases... but out of curiosity what is so difficult about finding a cure for cancer, I have a resonable knowledge with biology as I am currently studying it, just curious.. *I'm not saying that it should be easy to find one, just wondering why it is so hard to find one:p
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