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    I enjoy studying and enjoy science, hence my reasoning for being here.
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    LMAO!!! Yeah, that's a good one.
  1. According to what I have been taught... very basic Chemistry... it is two atoms of the same element. The diatomics are [math] F2, I2, O2, N2, H2 [/math] etc. There are seven that I know of... I think Mr. Johnson said there are more, we (our class) is too stupid to learn about them yet. ~TehCubes (He didn't really say that, he just meant it. Rock on Mr. Johnson. xD)
  2. Okay, here it goes: *Takes out protective glasses and armor in case of people throwing heavy objects* Two men walk into a bar: They both yell "OUCH" Two electrons 'beam' into a bar: They both yell "THE NUCLEI ARE COMING, THE NUCLEI ARE COMING!!!" I am sorry, I made them up (not the first one, you can see the remake, hehe)... Apologizes and walks away quickly, Cubes
  3. Okay, durr, come on people... THE UNIVERSE IS A CUBE Geez, not /rocket science/ ~Cubes
  4. I apologize for 'double posting,' if it bothers some one please delete both of my posts... I forgot an important piece to my stated-above. We do not know things or can prove things, we only believe what we are taught by other people....... other people.... *sigh* Sure, we all have seen electrons or cells, etc etc, but how do we /really/ without a doubt know that is the truth? We really don't... and that is what scares me...
  5. This is my honest belief, shun me if you will: We cannot PROVE without a doubt in our minds anything, for how do we /honest to God himself/ know this world is real? (Not to sound like the Matrix, for that is NOT what I am going for, I am being serious, /really/) For all we know this world is just a huge computer simulation, or possibly we are just test specimen for some gargantuan race, etc etc. I have many beliefs upon the "Man Theory," etc. etc. But I shall not state them here. Good day, Stephen Wooten ~Cubes
  6. That's close to what I have known it as. I have called it the "metalloid stair step" or "stair case" but I don't really care. XP
  7. Aww... well, maybe if they get a disease and are suffering? *crowd shuns him and pulls out torches and pitchforks* Oh, fine... It was just a thought... :'-( PS: I am an active biologist and love all life... even the most minute. I do believe it is okay to conduct experiments upon smaller things without any sense of pain, such as pillbugs or roaches or something. ^^ ~Cubes
  8. When I am about to perform in Drama in a play or even a monologue (meaning with or without people, so all scenarios) and times such as the first day of school or the day of a big test I get uncontrolable and intolerable, excruciating pain in my stomach. It is not a gas problem or diarreah (but that is one possible symptom after an hour of the occuring pain) but it is something more dealing with my nerves. I have had these problems ever since I can remember, all the way back to the 5th grade and I am in the 11th now... But the pain feels as though it is acid reflux at first (which I also have) but then it becomes much worse and lasts ALOT longer. I have gone entire days through school, about seven hours, and the pain lasts the entire time... but once something big happens or once I GET HOME I feel fine... Is it that I have some sort of panic problem at school only? Or is it something more? Thanks, ~Cubes
  9. IQ... what a stupid thing... It was probably created by some people to help put other people down. "OH LOOK! He has an IQ of 89, let's all laugh and point at his petite knowledge!! *gay laughter*" And then the guy with 89 IQ pulls out Webster's Dictionary and recites it forwards and backwards and THEN finds the cure to AIDS or something... That's probably all it was and now IQ has just become a "standardized test of your basic knowledge." (I made that up, *snicker*)
  10. Same here, I got to level 13... I hate Simon. Sure it is a fun memory game but it is rather tedious... I think that is the problem with it. But we must think it is the tedious things that need remembering...
  11. How do we /really/ know it is a blue or a sphere at all? We are only told it is. What if a sphere is really a cube? It is just someone of higher power makes us believe... That's the problem with human knowledge... we /know nothing/ we only believe what we are told...
  12. First, I must state this: pillbugs do not have an advanced enough nervous system nor do they have pain impulses. Second, yes, it was a very good experiment and the hypothesis was as follows: "If a Armadillidium vulgare, a.k.a pillbug, is introduced into a containment area in which continuosly has an electrical charge of 400 volts, what will Armadillium vulgare's immediate reaction be?" And the reason for this experiment is I was testing if the outer shell of pillbugs can contain electricity. For my chemistry teacher said that pillbugs can crawl underground electrical fences (like the ones for cows and large dogs) and not get zapped. Thus, I was testing (since 400 volts is the range that the electrical fence would be) to see if that was true. I refuted him and he was quite impressed! ^^ I am not a maniac, I do not torture pillbugs, *repeats* I swear.... ~Cubes
  13. I must stand up for myself about my post. Lmao. I was joking, I was just saying that out of a joke. I promise. I have no quarrel with ladybugs, but I am glad to see that everyone actually listens to everyone no matter the stupidity of the post! :-D But on a serious note, this is a question I was thinking about... are ladybugs 'shells' made mostly of chitin? Or is it something else? Because they are rather hard, which leads me to believe it is chitin... oh well... Lmao, <Still can't believe you guys believed me... meh... ~Cubes PS: Please don't hate me, I love you all!!!
  14. I just had an idea.... *grins at his stupid thoughts* Okay listen to this: What if one clones his or herself and /then/ goes back in time. Would that not mean that there /are without a doubt/ one still in the future and the other that is still 'changing the past.' Now I know how people think about cloning, etc. etc. but let us just say that for a moment that there is nothing wrong with it and that we did it and no one cared. (Please, like that would ever happen) But seriously, if one was to have two, one being able to destroy itself without a care or, of course, go back into time... would that not solve things such as stated above? I like time travel, but I am starting to see where Einstein was coming from... ~Cubes
  15. Geez... I am trying to find a good site for this question but every time I google search I get car companies... arg... what do cars have to do with Kelvins?!?! (Can you say Kelvins? or is it just always Kelvin?)
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