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. Being independent and harboring a unique perspective on the Universe is an essential for the Universe to experience itself, but for me, the wealth of experience that is offered by the collection and the possibility of influencing experiences through other arcs as they continue to form, would be a way to continue existence within this Universe and begin another day.


. If Humans, as a whole, do not understand this, and fail to recognize that we are not alone with absolute certainty, we will be choosing to allow our portion of the Zeitgeist to break off from the Consciousness we all owe our experience to. If this happens, the human experience will never be capable to of connecting to the larger collection of experiences throughout the Universe or contributing to its understanding.

A lot of what you write seems right to me; a lot of it i don't feel qualified to comment on , but may i say, in friendship, that i feel quite differently about the Zeitgeist/ Collective (Un)consciousness you write about. I think it is more important to be an individual, ( not individualist ), not part of the Zeitgeist. For example, billions of people say " I am a Catholic ", billions of people say " I am a Muslim ", billions of people say " I am Chinese " , billions say "I am Indian" , others say " I am a Communist ", " I am a Conservative ". Many say " We must go to war " or " We must kill unbelievers " etc. etc., and in all this there is division and conflict. Then someone says " I am nothing " and leaves this wellspring of thought , free of the collective influence and becomes an individual ( i.e. undivided ) . only then can there be any radical change in Humanity. We really must step out of this stream of consciousness, however frightening that may be. Forgive me if i have misunderstood you.


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