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  1. You look like an old guy so you have probably never heard of Photoshop but with this, you can crop someone's head from an original photo and put it in a compromising situation...a lot of young people like to mess about with Photoshop now...it's nothing new... This is a really big problem now...it's been on the news reports for ages urging people to keep their pictures private...sometimes people even take your picture while sleeping and then crop and alter it...This is how bad the situation has become!!! People are really scared...it's really horrible. In my home I no longer have internet except on my smartphone...
  2. I don't understand it myself. Most of my friends on Facebook have around 500 friends..maybe some people like to be open to the world??? But there are advantages and disadvantages...
  3. But anyone here ever had any fears? Why do so many people release their pictures online and out to the world? Does this put themselves in a vulnerable position should they make any enemies or have any falling out with friends? E.g. In the future I'm the sort of person who likes to live a quiet and private life. I prefer to have hard copy pictures to share instead of just electronic soft copy versions... I don't want any pictures of myself shared to the world except with close relatives...is this understandable and normal??? Because nowadays I see so many young people with 5000 friends on Facebook and many.more on Instagram...Are these people going to regret giving access to so many people of their pictures??? It only takes one rotten apple to spoil everything and to ruin and one's life's forever and what you post on the internet often stays permanent. You cannot take a lot of things back...
  4. What is Cerberus? How does it/they operate exactly? I'm scared somebody might steal my embarrassing pictures lol!!! Knowing they live far away only encourages them to do it coz they can more easily get away with it. What do you mean?And how do they do that exactly? What is Cerberus?How does it/they operate exactly? I'm scared somebody might steal my embarrassing pictures lol!!! Knowing they live far away only encourages them to do it coz they can more easily get away with it. Frankly, this has happened to a lot of people and something needs to be done before we see another victim in our midst.
  5. What if my enemies already have my pictures? I have a cartoon as my profile picture on facebook at the moment and have all my photos on private and only my friends can see. But is it normal having to put everything to private? I have deleted my other social media sites... Report it to the police you mean? What if th e perpetrator lived overseas in another country? Can I still catch him/her? Has anyone here considered.the possibility that someone might do this to them? Someone can just steal your pictures and ruin your reputation everywhere. It will ruin your life?? Better not be so public and keep everything private.. But so many people are so trusting these days....and there are so many nasty people with ill-intents....
  6. These things happen to a lot of people.Many have had their identity stolen online or photoshopped in unsavoury pictures online in dodgy websites. Are you sure you can place the perpetrator in jail? What about if they lived overseas? What about if it came from your former ex-partner who hates your guts and constantly stalks you online? Sharing with friends and receiving compliments from your friends on how you look and receiving many "likes".Staying connected with old friends and through people acknowledging your beautiful/handsome/attractive etc.
  7. I'm worried and afraid of taking selfies and posting them on facebook because I'm afraid someone (e.g. my enemies) might download and steal my photos and Photoshop them in adult pornographic sites or personal vendetta blogs online. Is this a legitimate fear and is it enough reasonable grounds to not have facebook, instagram or any other form of social media where the main attraction is sharing online electronic photos? What's everyone's opinions about this? I have had friends' facebook accounts hacked or duplicated through the creation of fake accounts. Anyone ever had similar experiences? If someone managed to download your photo and they know your full name, they can pretty much ruin your life through online rumours. What are everyone's thoughts about these sorts of things happening? Apparently, most people who do it tend to get away with their act so there's not much stopping these people. Once they get your photo, they can make a lousy linkedin account for you and then it's all over for you career-wise..
  8. What's the science/reasoning behind this phenomena? I think it is a bit it like witchcraft...as I don't understand why it happens... Anyone here have any ideas from the perspective of someone with a science/chemistry background?
  9. Hi everyone, Today I got a trial for work as a kitchen hand job -this is for part-time work. I have a casual job as a kitchen hand already. However in this new workplace while after washing the dishes they do not give time to air dry the dishes and instead they use a wet tea towel to dry them instead. I've been told in my current casual job that you shouldn't dry dishes with the tea towel but allow them to air dry instead. What should I do? What do you think is the most logical thing to do and do you think drying dishes with a wet tea towel is a big hazard problem? Should I discuss this with the manager if I were successful for the job? In my food safety certificate class they told us to air dry washed dishes but I forgot the logic/reasoning behind doing it this way instead of using a tea towel. Anyone understand the science/logic behind this particular procedure? I've been told by my commercial cookery trainer that there is no such thing as common sense in the hospitality industry and I couldn't agree with him more!
  10. Can leukocytes extend their lifespans through consumption of bacteria in our blood? Or does it have a negligible impact on their lifespans?
  11. What do they gain from doing this? Sounds like a pretty risky manoeuvre... Does anyone know?Is there something in our faces which they eat/consume as food? What evolutionary advantage does this action/behaviour provide to the flies?
  12. Which one and why? I've had my current laptop since late 2011 and thinking of getting a new one soon but not sure which one is best. Anyone here have any opinions? My current laptop is a Windows PC. What kind of things can you do with a Mac which you can't do with a Windows PC? What sorts of things did you take into account before purchasing your first computer/laptop? Also, are ipads any good? What's so good about ipads?
  13. E.g. Protein, vitamins and essential minerals had your body not ejaculated could have still been inside the body and used for other purposes etc (e.g. repairing muscles , growing hair etc.).
  14. (link removed by mod) How accurate are these tests? Has anyone here done any DNA testing to try to uncover their roots?
  15. Is motorbike riding as dangerous as everyone claims? Is there any chance that driving cars may be more dangerous than riding a motorbike? What does everyone here think? If you had to pick either being a car driver only or a motorcyclist only, which would you rather be and why?