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Creationism Q\A (Read before opening topic please)

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So from general consensus I've decided to make a broad list of Question and Answers for the general topics and arguments constantly reused. If your thinking of starting a new topic relating to creationism and it's listed here then please save your time as scientifically there's no use. However if you have a totally unrelated topic regarding creationism not listed then feel free to open a new thread.




Q.1) If you take any living organism and examine it, it has the hallmark of being designed exactly that way for exactly that purpose which means someone must have designed that organism, because there's no other reason a cow or dog would exist otherwise.


A.1) This is a prime example of the earth being at the centre of the universe. Your looking at that organism as you are the universe, such that "I'm at the centre of the universe, everything was made for me". That organism's purpose wasn't the product of intelligent design but the product of countless years of adapting to its conditions simply to survive.





Q.2) Why would an organism evolve a new sense that the organism has never had before? How would it know to evolve this sense? Hence someone must have designed such a complex organism.


A.2) The answer is that the new sense was brought about via a random mutation in the transfer of DNA, and because the mutation helped that species survive, it then manifested throughout the populous of the species killing out the old one or branching off into new species eventually bearing little resemblance to its predecessor.





Q.3) Throughout the universe are repeating patterns of complexity that correlate so uniquely that it's impossible that it could be the process of randomness. Hence someone must have designed such a complex system.


A.3) It's true that if you look throughout the universe you will find patterns of complexity and its true that these patterns correlate. However its only through selective deduction that these patterns correlate, You have decided exactly which patterns to look for and correlated them with the exact same pattern you were looking for, You haven't correlated those patterns against other complex patterns. Hence such a pattern doesn't repeat uniquely, it only repeats because you are only looking for that pattern.





Q.4a) There are complex biological systems that could ONLY come from some higher design, for example the eye is such a complex organ that it's existence couldn't come from any amount of evolutionary steps. Hence there must be a creator.


A.4a) This unfounded concept stems from the misinterpretation or understanding of evolution itself, evolution can make big leaps in a short space of time or it can progress very, very slowly over thousands of generations. With the very complex organs we often find that there was a big leap and then lots of progressive steps in which the organ correlates itself for its own purpose. This is why an eagle has vision 4-8 times the ability of a human. Eagles (and birds alike) needed that sense to be correlated to that extent so it can find pray while in fast motion, therefore the eagles with better sight will feed their offspring while eagles with poorer vision may not and their offspring will die. Humans don't need that level of vision to survive so have never evolved beyond our needs.





Q.4b) There are complex systems beyond the realms of human comprehension such as the brain (mind) or the human body as a whole. Therefore it must be designed by a greater power.


A.4b) This is a form of irreducible complexity whereby you make the assumption that just because we cannot comprehend a system to the full extent at this current moment in time, it must therefore require something with much higher comprehension to design it. Again the simple truth is that just because we cannot perceive or understand the utility of a system does not mean it isn't a process of evolution or alternately that we are not evolved enough to comprehend that system.





Q.5) God created everything so God must have also created evolution.


A.5) As there is no proof of what god created or when, we can therefore say only that evolution is a simple process. To suggest that evolution is a process designed by your god is ad-hoc and reciprocal of any process you wish to include in your "updated" version of your religion.





Q.6) Evolution is only a theory and therefore means its not necessarily true, So we could have been created and evolution could be wrong.


A.6) There are alot of theories in science, some of which have little to no evidence and are disregarded, some are based on idea's that are very hard to prove in a lab, it may surprise you to know that some of these theories are used all the time in your day to day life such as satellite television or mobile phones. But you don't question whether they are true or not because they work. Evolution is similar, it's the strongest theory we have in genetic biology that explains all the different variations of life around us. It has lots of evidence supporting it but unfortunately the entire jigsaw is not complete so we use it on its logical merits and huge amounts of supporting evidence.





Q.7) The universe exists and we exist therefore there must be a creator.


A.7) Yes the universe exists and so do we but does the scientific data correlate with the texts of your religion? Does your religion say the universe was created 14 billion years ago and basic life on earth 3.8 billion years ago? If not then which ever flavour of religion you follow, the science behind what you *might call creation and the creation in your scriptures are not the same. Neither time wise or form of creation. (science see's creation as the emergence of energy from a infinitely dense particle)





Q.8) If god created the universe who created God?


A.8) This is a rebuttal to creationism from an atheist's perspective, It essentially leads to circular thinking / logic and means "The creator isn't God, because the creator must also have been designed", It's a paradox and also recursive.







If you wish to start a topic regarding any of the above then be warned most scientists take evolutionary theory as their premise which contradicts most creationist arguments. If you feel however you have something new to offer then open a topic.


Also to anyone else reading this who feels i should add or amend any of the statements then just reply below and i'll modify as required.

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