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Oven-drying calcium chloride

the guy

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I would like to do a small experiment with calcium chloride. I happen to have some in my possession but it is in the form of little flakes, and I need it to be in a very fine powder form.

I'm assuming that the reason for the flakiness lies in its water-absorbing properties. Would I be right in thinking this and, if so, would 'baking' it in the oven on a high temperature dehydrate it enough for it to be finely powdered?


Thanks in advance for any replies.

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I don't see why not, I believe around 200 deg C is enough to dry it. I can be wrong though.


Note: if it absorbed enough water it will melt first (actually it will not melt, but it will dissolve in its own hydration water). You may have to wait several hours before it dries out.


Question is if you need it perfectly dry, could be partial drying will be enough to make it possible to prepare a powder.

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