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Animal morphology

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Just a quick link to a great series on the anatomy of nature's 'giants', Inside Nature's Giants, available on Channel 4 On Demand and via Youtube:






The team comprising: Mark Evans, an experienced vet and anatomy expert; anatomist Prof. Joy Reidenberg; Simon Watt, an evolutionary biologist; and, Darrell Evans, an expert in human anatomy, work together to dissect a variety of large animals.




The Elephant

The Whale

The Crocodile

The Giraffe

The Great White Shark

The Monster Python

The Big Cats

The Polar Bear

The Sperm Whale

The Camel

The Dinosaur Bird

The Leatherback Turtle

The Racehorse

Rogue Baboon

The Hippo

The Kangaroo

Jungle Special

The Giant Squid

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