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Mythic gods and real gods. Or all of them are fictions?

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I trust that it is most likely that all gods are fictional myths

but that some myths has the claim that their God is real

as one of the features of that particular God.


Because some or many of the believers really need a real God.


If their religious tradition would only have mythic gods then

they would lose faith in it. God has to be real they say and

why would they then not include a myth that say their God is real?


Seems very likely to me. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mythology


In the society in which it is told, a myth is usually regarded as a true account of the remote past.


Fictions are not exactly myths because most fiction do admit it is fiction

while myth often claim it has something real that it refers to metaphorically.


Here is a philosophers that ask if it is possible

to believe in something that one know is not true?


The question I then ask is: might there be a fiction

in which we could still nonetheless believe?

That’s what I call a “supreme fiction,” ...

a fiction that we know to be a fiction ...

but in which we nonetheless believe

From an interview with Simon Critchley. link here



My thread is about ths things idea that if one know

that God is a fictional myth can one still decide on

that one want to believe in it and somehhow make

that happen consciously without feeling that one fake faith?

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