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Guest galen

visual wavelenght enhancement

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Guest galen

so i cant find shit about the effects of different wavelenghts (event within the visiual wavelenghts) that will cause different signaling responces, it seem that when light stimulates a photopigment cell it will cleave or cause a cis trans conformational change that allows farther reactions to cause a perceived responce.....seemingly if these was the case for different wavelenghts then the changing of wavelenghts due to color would only befound in cones(color sensitive) but not in the the rodes......my question is what is the diffent signaling responces to the differnt color wavelenghts, is it just a cell stimuls difference(be different cell react to different wavelenghts) or every cone cell have the ability to react to different wavelenghts and then will release different levels of NT to get our seen perceived responce?

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