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I am god!!!


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I will inscribe these tablets for you to Layeth downith my laweths!! Even though I am all knowing and can forsee the complexity of the future and know how absolutely ridiculous it will seem to believe in this for anyone with a smidgen of common sense! But who gives a donkeys turd, I AM GOD!! Even though I love you SOOOOO much I am willing to be as obscure as possible and claim asking for proof is a terrible sin, I AM GOD!!!!!!!! . Then I placeth large reptilian bones in the ground that date back beyond any time claimed to have existed. GOOOOOOOODDDDD I AM!!!!!!! I know my stupid little children, it doesn't make any friggin sense why an all knowing being would go through the hassle to create such complexity when I knew exactly how this shiz would play out!!! But I AM GOOOOOO!!!! and you are stupid so STFU and BoW to me!! Burning bush, GoD. Talking snake, GOD!!, Satin, GOD, immigrants! GOD!! god god god god I am!! tee hee hee IGOD 5!

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