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The image is beautiful and it hurts me a bit to critique it because it's wonderfully done, but a couple notes on the evolutionary links.


The thecodontia lineage to crocs should have biped ancestors. The thecodontia/euryapsid/squamata/etc. branch point is super cluttered where I didn't see squamates at first. During the amphibian evolution there is an animal that is lifting its head and another above it with a bend in its back. There may have been that neck movement but ventral/dorsal trunk movement probably didn't develop that early on.


I apologize for critiquing because it is truly a beautiful piece of work.

Hi Ringer,

Thanks for the comments, there is no reason to apologize this is exactly why i put it on here, I had a bit of trouble fitting the reptiles in and I am sure there are a few mistakes, I was researching whilst drawing. I also remember that the line between thecondontia to crocs was huge but there was no chance of fitting much else in. I will make sure to look into the amphibian evolutionary line a bit more if I finally manage to make a new one.


Thanks again and keep them coming


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