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Which Microscope is better: OMAX or Amscope ?


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Hi from Down Under!

Is anyone familiar with AmScope's v-t720 microscope (plan optics and Koehler illumination)? I am interested in the quality of images using low power, 4x objective. In particular the uniformity of illumination and focus Would welcome any comments about the microscope or a similar type e.g.,T690-PL

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I have a small AmScope (40X-1000X Portable LED Monocular Student Microscope w/ Mechanical Stage) that I use for simple hobby discovery and biology endeavors. Nothing professional on the biology end of the spectrum.

But, their stereo microscopes are great for micro/miniature PCB soldering and repair. General electronics fabrication for that matter. It's great for inspecting things such as connector pins, solder cups, tinning, etc. The price for them is great compared to other manufacturers, but you'll get a reasonably professional solution compared to cheaper Amazon solutions. 

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