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quantum leap to path of least resistance?


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Everything moves in the path of least resistance. So for a particle to leap from here to there without moving through any distance inbetween must be the path of least resistance.

So, what is the difference between space that was occupied and the space that was leaped to and the space inbetween?

Is it a difference in the time dialation properties of this space compared to that space? Can it be calculated as some space/energy ratio by a shear genius formula? or something else like dark matter density? I wonder what the leading theory is.

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I don't think I understand what your saying. When you say it takes all paths I imagine an infinite amount of paths from one place to another. So I tend to imagine that the particle "melts" into it's own infinite field then reforms instantly in it's new position. But I think we all know that my imagination is probably bigger than the universe :)

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