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Help identifying unusual rock / fossil

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I am seeking someone to assist me in identifying a very unusual rock (or maybe a fossil) that has been in my family for many many years. It is approx 10” long and 10” wide, is tan to light brown in color, weighs about 10 lbs, and is shaped like two footballs lying side by side joined together. Both ends of both “footballs” have openings. There are many small holes in the rock. If the story is correct my grandmother had this rock in New Mexico. I’ve attached five images for your viewing.



I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide or if you could steer me to an individual or agency I may contact for information. Thanks so much in advance for your assistance.







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The folks at Kansas university have put together a helpful guide on doing just this sort of thing. It also includes folks you can contact.


Since you mention it may have been recovered from New Mexico, you can also try:



Thanks Greg H., I've contacted both parties. Appreciate your help.

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