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Really Lost

Need help with steps for oxidation reaction

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I need help understanding the proper steps it takes to get balance oxidation equation for the following


C5H12O + NaOCl + CH3COOH ----> C5H10O + CH3CO-Na+ + HCl + H20


I understand the basic mechanics of separating the organic part of the equation but how do I do the inorganic part?


For example I understand that at the beginning I take out the spectator atom Na from NaOCl


then I have 2H+ OCl ---> H2O(to balance the oxygens) + Cl-




2H+ + C5H12O = C5H10


But how is the HCl formed? Where does the hydrogen come from for the HCl? Do you reintegrate the acetic acid at the end? Are there any free electrons that need to be cancelled out?


Proper steps would be most appreciated


Thank you



Edit: I found another source that shows the products to be the Ketone plus NaCl and H2O. Is this actually correct. It seems strange that the Acetic Acid is not part of the products in that case.

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It's important that you demonstrate an earnest attempt at solving this problem before receiving help.


Is this problem from a textbook or from your prof?


You have a simple redox problem, and yes there are electrons being exchanged. What are your proton sources in this problem? When you combine a strong acid with a weak acid salt, what form predominates at equilibrium?

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