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the reason for intersex---i need some advice here


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Crossing-over partial occurrence between X chromosome and Y chromosome is the key of intersex.


I have contacted almost all of the so-called female orgasm researchers and organizations, but no one trusted me. Why such a fact is so difficult to accept by people? Why do they insist on a false and illusory assumption that women can have multiple orgasms? What I wrote are all facts, but```````. I am not an expert in intersex, but I propose a new theory here about intersex to help you to understand female orgasm better.


Intersex , in humans and other animals, is the presence of intermediate or atypical combinations of physical features that usually distinguish female from male. It has 4 cases.


1. Female pseudohermaphroditism – In this case the sex chromosomes are XX and the female has ovaries, but also external male sex organs (penis).

2. Male pseudohermaphroditism – They have XY as sex chromosomes, but their external organs are not fully developed or they are completely female on the outside.

3. True hermaphroditism – While the above were "pseudohermaphroditism", meaning they are mostly male or mostly female, in this case there are both testicles and ovaries. These people can appear anywhere from females with a large clitoris to those with male external organs.

4. Complex or Undetermined Intersex Disorders –Many chromosome configurations other than simple 46, XX or 46, XY can result in disorders of sex development. These include 45, XO (only one X chromosome), and 47, XXY, 47, XXX -- both cases have an extra sex chromosome, either an X or a Y. These disorders do not result in an intersex condition where there is discrepancy between internal and external genitalia.


Here I will explain 4 cases one by one.


As is known to all, Chromosomal crossing-over is an exchange of genetic material between homologous chromosomes. It is one of the final phases of genetic recombination, which occurs during prophase I of meiosis in a process called synapsis. Synapsis begins before the synaptonemal complex develops, and is not completed until near the end of prophase I. Crossover usually occurs when matching regions on matching chromosomes break and then reconnect to the other chromosome.


But experts thought that the crossing-over just occurs during Non-sister chromatids in 22 pairs of autosomes, but sex chromosomes often remain unpaired because the X and Y chromosomes are very different from each other in their genetic composition. That is the key point of intersex. Physical exchange of homologous chromosomal regions by homologous recombination during prophase I is absolute, and Non-exchange is relative. It is easy to understand, as same as the movement is absolute, static is relative. Intersex is the typical results of crossing-over between X and Y chromosomes. Precisely, intersex is just only one typical result of numerous possibilities caused by crossing-over between X and Y chromosomes. I think there are wealth of contents in X and Y chromosomes, not only unitary control boy or girl.



Case 1, Female pseudohermaphroditism- when the father' sex chromosomes have crossing-over during meiosis I. The Y chromosome give some chromatid segments to X chromosome, and get some alleles back, which only control you have a female clitoris or male penis, but not control other information. Then the father gives his exchanged Xf chromosome to his daughter. Although, his daughter has XmXf chromosomes, she indeed has male penis instead of female clitoris. There is another key factor, all the genes that control sex trait are dominant inheritance. As a result, the daughter' Xm chromosome from her mother can't express out, and she only can express dominant trait from his father's exchanged Xf chromosome. The result is the girl has a male penis.


Case 2, Male pseudohermaphroditism- it is as same as case 1. But the father gives his exchanged Y chromosome to his son. Although, his son has XY chromosomes, he indeed has female clitoris instead of male penis, because the genes whatever in X chromosome from his mother or exchanged Y chromosome from his father are invisible inheritance. The result is the boy don't have male penis, though he has XY chromosomes.


We can say that the above "pseudohermaphroditism" 'culprits are the fathers. More specifically, where did Father's genes come from? Of course from grandparents. In other words, Female pseudohermaphroditism- the grandfather' part of sex genes inherited to granddaughter through his son, and granddaughter expressed male trait from her grandfather' genes. Male pseudohermaphroditism- the grandmother's part of sex genes inherited to grandson through her son, and grandson expressed female trait from his grandmother' genes, not from his mother. This point is very important for researching intersex.


The above two kinds of ambiguous genitalia is the result of allelic exchange between X chromosome and Y chromosome. The people in this situation whatever Female pseudohermaphroditism or Male pseudohermaphroditism have 46 chromosomes and can produce germ cells. Because the probability of crossing-over occurrence during sex chromosomes is very small, we can ignore the crossing-over again.





In case 3, this extreme example of hermaphroditism is quite rare. I am not so sure, I think it is also the results of crossing-over partial occurrence between X chromosome and Y chromosome, but this time it is not allelic exchange, it is non-allelic crossing-over between sex chromosomes. As the result, the people also have 46 chromosomes, but the sex chromosome must have structural abnormalities. A portion of the chromosome is duplicated, resulting in extra genetic material instead of a portion of the same chromosome is missing or deleted. The sex trait the people expressed is they have the 2 homologous organs.


In case 4, this situation can't be explained by crossing-over between sex chromosomes. I think it is related to Meiosis I and Meiosis II. In Anaphase Meiosis I, the centromeres break, but homologous chromosomes not separate and go to one of two haploid daughter cells together. In Anaphase Meiosis II, the centromeres break, but sister chromatids not separate and go to haploid daughter cells. Details are in the following two tables, red font genes have been found.





I agree with the view "The Five Sexes" by Anne Fausto Sterling-Professor of Biology and Women's Studies in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology and Biochemistry at Brown University. I think sex chromosomes not only determine sex, they also have genes for many functions we don't know yet. There is no absolute male and female. Physical exchange of homologous chromosomal is absolute, and Non-exchange is relative. Intersex person is just one of us. Maybe lesbian, gay and bisexual are all because of crossing-over during sex chromosomes.



There is my own opinion, I am not an expert on genes, but I am sure that women only can get female orgasm from clitoral. The clitoral is only homologous to the penis. Vaginal orgasm, G-spot and multiple orgasms are all bullshit. Women also have a refractory period after every orgasm as same as male. Don't be silly anymore.

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