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how convert into C,T,G, and A

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I have non biological data with range(0-1600)


what is the best way to represent these data as biological data A,C,T, and G?


Is protein sequence or nucleotides sequence best to represent these data?



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Not really sure what you're asking.

In response to your second question, probably nucleotide sequence seeing as more than one codon can code for a particular amino acid.


thanks, regarding first query:

I have non biological data, I want to apply DNA seq. alignment on these data. So, I have to convert it into either nucleotide seq. or amino seq.

my query was which best?

I think , because the range of my data is large so it must use amino seq.(protein seq.)

are you agree with me?


I do appreciate your reply.



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What is "non-biological data", and how does it thus relate to DNA?

Evidently I am missing something here, so I'll leave it to someone else!


It is seem to me you are not interesting with the applications of DNA seq.

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