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Walk Through on (re)installing windows and COMPLETELY cleaning your computer


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How to Completely clean your Computer and Install/Reinstall windows


This tutorial is intended to help people who need to restore their computers. Malware and spyware can infect your registry, so using a backup partition isn't always the best thing. Actually this way is a bit more technical and in my opinion more efficient. Other than that reason this tutorial is for people with a broken OS back up partion or another issue that denies them access to it.




Step 1:Booting your CD:

-When you turn on your computer Putt your OS(2000,xp,vista,7) disk inside and then wait for the computer to boot up to the splash screen. Then turn your computer off again.

-Now turn your computer on and some where on a corner of the screen, there should be text that says "boot menu" followed by a button name. Usually it will be f12. Now when you press that, a window should appear with a list of hardware. Scroll down to the option that includes "CD-ROM" using the arrow keys and press enter. vmi_boot_menu.png

- It will ask you to press any key to boot from your CD, press any key.

- You will see "Windows is loading files" wait for that to finish and then proceed to step 2.


Step 2:Preparing for the install:

- A window will appear with pre-installation options, answer everything and go on to the Licence Agreement

- Accept the licence agreement and click next.

- Two options will be displayed, click the one opposite of "Upgrade".

- There will be a few partions that you can select, click partion 3 or the one that is above 1000G but below 100,000. When you do this ALL data on that partion will be deleted.

- Click next



Step 3:Installing Windows:

- There will be a check list: Copying files, expanding files... You are now installing windows. Wait for every thing to finish.

- The computer will restart in the middle of the install. Don't worry, this is supposed to happen.

- When the install ends a screen will appear with the text "Set up is preparing your computer for first use".

-A window will appear requesting some settings(time zone,name,date,Password,ect...) just type in your information and click next as the setup goes on. When it comes up, click use recommended settings.

- It will say that it is finalizing your settings.

- Windows is now installed.



Step 4: Resolution:

- When you install windows, your resolution might be lower than it should, your quality will look low.

- Right click on an empty space on your desk top and click "Screen Resolution".

- A bar will be shown on a line and drag it to the point where it says recommended.

- You should have increased the screen resolution.



Step 5: Drivers and Utilities:

- You will need your drivers and utilities disk, this is the one thing that usually comes with every computer.

- Put it in your computer and run it.

- When the window opens up click the "my system" link at the top of the page.

- There will be downloads for drivers that will work on your system. Just make sure the Wlan driver is installed for your internet. To download a driver click on it and then when you are redirected, click extract.


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