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old games & graphics emulation

Zolar V

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I recently had an itch to play some of those old -oldtimey games. but there is a problem, windows 7 doesn't support old games very easily. So naturally i downloaded various sorts of emulation software to play the games. However i am currently trying to play Dungeon Keeper, and emulation just isn't working so far. I can actually enter the game either just using the .exe or by running it in an emulator. But the graphics of the game aren't displaying properly.


I tried to run in 256 colors mode, that didn't work.


I though that it might be possible that the graphics aren't working because this netbook doesn't have a dedicated graphics card. Is there anyway i could emulate a graphics card?




Also, does anyone have a personal proxy... my companies blanket/whitelists are getting annoying.

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