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The Clairvoyant

How and why the creator created evolution

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I've got an over-active childlike imagination, :D but would like to put a science-fiction slant on the existence of God.


It's not intended as anything blasphemous, so if you feel it might offend please don't read it. However, I hope that somewhere, however fictitious it may be, it marries up and can explain in some daft way the possibility of the existence of a creator within the realms of science.


Personally I believe in God as just an existence we can't explain as humans. I believe he or something else created the Big Bang and he created life on Earth and its evolution. Maybe planned or perhaps unplanned and for a reason we can only speculate on. Maybe something like the scenarios below.................



1. The Old Testament is 'probably' made of legends and possibly some myths too, passed down over generations and affected by chinese whispers, exaggeration and personal interpretations of events.

2. The New Testament is based on fact. There was a person called Jesus Christ, whether he was the Son of God is again open to debate


Therefore, I think God being an Extra-terrestrial being would explain a lot (just one possible scenario below) :


The Big Bang happens. It's not a deliberate act by anyone or anything. It happens because of two known forces of 'nothing' colliding. They are known by us as Good and Evil but really they are just names and the forces are unexplainable (and aren't forces at all really). The two forces disperse, get mixed and try to return to their natural state. In doing so they create an existence called God and an existence called Satan that evolve into existences that become 'aware'. They become the perfect opposite 'aware existences' of the forces of good and evil but are invisible to each others existence. However, as they evolve they become aware of each other.


Eventually, they create their physical beings to appear to one another. Why ? Because their 'awareness' of each other makes them curious as to who and whatever they are and what their purpose is, if they have a purpose at all.


God understands that the scale of Good and Evil forces must not be tipped towards evil otherwise the Universe that has been created dies. He sees it as a beautiful thing, Satan sees it as something that was a mistake and should be returned to its original nothingness.


Therefore God creates as much 'life' as possible on many different planets and tries to ensure that the life is as pure to 'good' as possible. Why does he do this ? Because he knows Satan will try to tip the balance by doing the same.


God creates Earth and life on Earth. Satan trys to disrupt and corrupt it. It becomes a battleground and the entire universe centres around it.


1. Gods physical existence protects itself on a perfect world (Heaven). God is able able to secure this world and make it purely good. On Heaven he creates The Garden of Eden which he sees as being a perfect place to experiment with intelligent life. God creates others here from his own existence (angels) to assist him. Satan in opposition trys to infiltrate Heaven and Eden many times and in doing so the force of evil is weakened

2. God searches for a rock orbiting a Star which he believes is more or less perfect to sustain life (as he knows it)

3. God decides to create intelligent life ( which he creates as a visible being thats created from the force of good) on the rock (Earth) by initiating a process of evolution which he can monitor, experiment with and nurture until he finds the exact combination of elements that he needs.

4. Turns the rock into the earth by introducing oxygen to the atmosphere, and adding the minute living organisms of 'Good' to the water (thus creating the heavens and the earth)

5. Allows the living organisms of 'good' to evolve, until they become intelligent

6. Now Earth has evolved and the organisms evolve into intelligent life but in doing so become corruptable by evil. God decides to create Adam from the elements of the dust of the earth and his own spirit to protect the intelligent life and to ensure the intelligent species on Earth remain 'good'. Adam has his own 'spirit' and a 'physical being' (his body).

7. God creates Eve from the DNA in Adams rib to accompany him in his task. God decides to nurture Adam and Eve in Eden until he is sure they are purely good and able to withstand the forces of evil.

8. Before Adam and Eve have evolved into pure good beings, The Garden of Eden eventually gets infiltrated by Satan who corrupts Gods two creations

9. Disappointed with their treachery, weakness or stupidity God expels his creations to Earth but also manages to defeat his weakened enemy, thus temporarily imprisoning him inside the Earth within a place he names Hell. However, as his creations are not quite ready enough they remain corruptable. God therefore has made two mistakes, underestimating Satans power and overestimating the pureness of his creations.

10. Over time his creations become family and then population and then evolve into an intelligent species,mating with the apelike creatures that have evolved on Earth already. Satan finds a way to escape his prison. The mating of the 'pure' humans and the evolved Apes is through the involvement of Satan. Rather than becoming the perfect beings he created them to be, they now become a cross-breed and evolve that way to become humans physically but also corruptable because of the impurity. The more impure they are the easier they are to corrupt.

11. Disturbed by the disappointment of his creations and their evolution God creates the 'flood'. Possibly the Earth climate was out of control by then and created an ice age, the water rose and God destroyed the natural dams keeping the water out of the area documented in the Bible.

12. God starts again, but is unable to rectify the mistakes he has made with his experiments. What's left of the human race remains impure and corruptable. Therefore, he decides to let the now human race to continue to evolve and to only provide guidance in the hope that one day they will evolve to become resistant to evil and become 'purely good'. He decides that only the spirits of the people who are purely good may join him in Heaven when they die and the bad ones are locked out and at the mercy of his enemy Satan. He ensures that the humans know this through various messengers he sends to advise them in the hope that the fear will make them more resistant to evil.

13. He monitors progress for a period and chooses certain people for tasks that help him retain overall power over the human race

14. He continues to lose power as Satans influence over the human race begins to dominate and in one last throw of the dice, decides to intervene and chooses to send part of his spirit to lead the world to salvation. He informs the humans of a king who is coming to save them from evil. He knows that if he fails his weakened, diluted spirit may never recover and The Universe will be destroyed through Evil.

15. God creates Jesus from his own being.

16. God announces the saviour to the world by chosing three kings to spread the word. They follow a light created by God (not a star) that highlights the birthplace. But the kings fail to convince others and let him down.

17. The child Jesus is protected by God until he becomes a man.

18. When he grows into a man, God gives Jesus full power to convince others that they must follow his path otherwise the war versus satan will be lost

19. Jesus convinces many but cannot defeat the power of satan who convinces many that Jesus is false.

20. In a last ditch effort to salvage some sort of victory God decides to allow Jesus to die for all the sins of the people thus negating the power of satan i.e it doesn't matter what evil they do in their human form if they ask for forgiveness their spirit will join him in heaven. Checkmate-nearly.

21. Jesus dies in his human form but is resurrected to confirm he has joined God in heaven

22. Satan has his revenge on Earth by separating the impact of Jesus into different religions who then begin to 'war' with each other for generations in their human form. This is Satans consolation for losing the decisive battle on earth which means he will never be able to destroy the universe.

23. Eventually, God decides that the victory is now complete and humans have evolved enough to know in their spirit what is right and what is wrong even if they do not show it in their human form. Checkmate, evil is now defeated on Earth and his strategy of creating goodness on earth to evolve to be resistant to evil is finally successful. Humans can now evolve to become 'purely good' however long this takes. The Earth becomes a breeding ground for goodness, even if it doesn't appear that way on Earth.

24. God now has the blueprint to spread to all of his other creations across the universe thus ensuring the force of Evil is contained and can never destroy the beauty of the Universe.

25. God decides to destroy the ever weakening evil force within the existence of Satan to ensure that his being can never possibly become a threat again. In doing so, God also destroys the Earth which in turn allows the Universe to exist never to be threatened again. Forever.


Simple really. Marries up the creator with evolution and shows that the church doesn't have to disagree with the Darwinists and vice versa. With just a little imagination, they can actually believe in the same thing.


So, can you provide a fictitious explanation that marries up the two ?


Using the above template, I believe I can provide an answer to life, the earth and everything. You ask it and i'll provide the answer !

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