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The Science of Increasing Height

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I've done a lot of research on height increase and it's hard to get information that's not from laymen or people who are so advanced they'll just blow you off(cartilage and stem cell researchers).


I can prove that it's possible to increase height on every level. Long bones can experience appositional growth(there's been studies done on runners showing increase in periosteal width unless the increase is due to thicker periosteum people being more successful runners) and short, flat, and irregular bones have periosteum covering longitudinal directions such as calcaneus, pelvis, bone of the skull, spine, etc. Therefore it's possible to grow taller that way.


The epiphyseal cartilage does not completely mineralize. I have not seen microscopic slides of this but not because I have not been looking. However, a texture of whiteness can be seen in the epiphysis that's around the same texture of the articular cartilage. I have read textbooks that state that a layer of hyaline cartilage remains in the epiphysis as well. Endochondral ossification can occur from a lot of places. See the study called: Reappraisal of mesenchymal chondrosarcoma... If a hyaline cartilage line exists in the epiphysis then growth could be enhanced in that manner either through extraneous stem cell injection or by trabecular microfracture in the epiphysis(which contains red bone marrow which contain stem cells). Also, the fibrous capsule contains cells that have the ability to differentiate into chondrocytes and studies on lateral loading increasing height(see study: lengthening of mouse hindlimbs with joint loading). Lateral loading does cause shear strain on the fibrous capsule And the fibrous capsule leads almost directly into the hyaline cartilage growth plate line.


I was wondering if I could get maven's opinions on height growth and the topics I mentioned above.

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My wife is four ft eleven and one half inches and she is a real cute little woman. Maybe this is the case with you too people are bound to notice and because you are noticed for being petite is no reason to feel bad.Forget the hormone treatments and enjoy your uniqueness! Thanks.

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