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Inorganic catalysts


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Hi! I'm a chem. grad student and I'm trying to prepare HCo(CO)3 catalyst from Co2(CO)8. Could I obtain this catalyst by reacting Co2(CO)8 with a hydroxyl containing compound like NaOH or KOH? If I can form the product with the OH-, would the OH- side-react with the catalyst? Let me know! Thanks!

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Treating Co2(CO)8 with OH- in thf gives Co(CO)4- anion which can be protonated to give HCo(CO)4, which I believe is relatively unstable. Don't protonate it in thf though you'll polymerise the solvent.

Co(CO)3H is a 16e transient species, which is probably in eqm with the 18e HCo(CO)4. Cobalt carbonyls are notoriously labile

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