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Concrete beam/column design procedure

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Hello to everybody ;)


I have to apologize in advance, becouse I'm not a native english speaker, so errors in my post may occur ;)


I hope someone will be able to help me with my problem.

Me and my friend are studying abroad and within the exchange programme we choose the subject Concrete structures.

The host university didn't provide us lectures in english, so we agreed with the responsible proffessor to give us some english material.

For our ''homework'' (seminary work) we agreed that we have to do one example of calculation for beam design (only for bending moment) and one example for column design (only buckling).


Sounds very easy, but...we are new in this field of study and we don't know even how to start with such a problem. OK, we know how to calculate the statics of the system, but things concerning the design are like the 3rd world for us :doh:


In attachment you can see how the beam should look...all the neccessary data can be chosen by ourselves, so proffesors instructions are more or less like this: ''you just choose what you need, and show me how would you design beam for bending''...and the same for a column.


So if someone could give us somekind of advice how to start or maybe some step-by-step guide for designing beam/column would be realy appreciated.

Oh, and design has to be in standards of Eurocode.


We thank you in advance ;)


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