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Some I.Q. questions.


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I cant solve them plz can you.




Q1.Below is the cut out shape which can be used to create three of the cubes shown. Which three cubes cannot be made from this shape?



(A)1, 3, 5 (B)2, 4, 6 ©3, 4, 6 (D)2, 3, 5



Q2)Can you tell how many symbols are missing from the bottom right hand balance?


(A)4 symbols

(B)5 symbols

©6 symbols

(D)7 symbols



Q3)How many squares are there in the diagram below?







Q4)Using the black "T" shape, fill in the white area of the diagram below. How many T's are required in order that no gaps are left?


(A)5 T's

(B)10 T's

©15 T's

(D)20 T's






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