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Stabilizing Hydrogen Peroxide


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I have 35% Food Grade H2O2 on hand, and I'm tired of worrying about it decomposing, but buying stabilized H2O2 is very expensive. I then thought to myself, well, why don't I just stabilize it myself. So, after some searching through Google, I found that the most common stabilizers are Acetanilide (used in USP H2O2), Sodium stannate, phenol (which I don't want to use because it causes cancer, if I recall correctly) and Tetrasodium phosphate (AKA Sodium Pyrophosphate). I also found this :"Colloidal stannate and sodium pyrophosphate (present at 25 - 250 mg/L)" - which gives the approximate quantity of stabilizer per liter, for those two substances. As well, I'm going to assume that colloidal stannate and sodium stannate are interchangeable. Now that I have written you all an essay, my question is: Does anyone know which stabilizer is most effective? Would it just be best to add all three to the peroxide? And what would be an appropriate amount of acetanilide to add, as I couldn't find a number for that?

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