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Question about Macro-Wormholes.

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How is it possible to generate enough energy to maintain a Quantum Wormhole on a Macro scale?


Background: I vaguely remember watching an edition of Horizon on UK television. It was basically Kip Thorn and Stephen Hawkins talking about the possibility of using scaled up Quantum Wormholes as a means of FTL travel, and by extension, Time Travel.


The program tried to say that if such a Wormhole could be created, a person could enter it at one end, and instantly emerge at the other... queue pics of one half of intrepid explorer poking his head out of one portal while his feet and legs stuck out another portal like a 'sawing the woman in half' magic trick.


All I could think of was "that can't work... if you had two ends of a wormhole above each other, you could stick a water wheel between the two ends, pour a bucket of water in one hole, and watch it drop out of the upper hole, across the wheel, and into the lower hole forever... free energy!"


So what am I missing?


The 'potential energy' between the two ends of the wormhole must be infinite... so you must have to generate MORE than that to create the wormhole in the first place.


Does that make sense? Or is my education getting in the way?


Thanks go to YT2095 for pointing me to these forums... blame him for any confusion :P

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